Why Choose GTbets?

  • Fixed bonus plan
  • Good Customer Service
  • Wagering Limits Not Among The Largest

GTBets betting network is known as one of the online betting networks dedicated to the North American sports betting market. But this does not mean that they cannot cover all major markets. They mainly focus on popular sports in specific markets, especially in the NFL. The following are the sports items provided by GTBets: football·basketball·college football·college basketball·baseball·hockey·golf·tennis·boxing·rugby·UFC·e-sports·racing·politics·entertainment. As you can see, the popular sports in Europe and the rest of the world are on the list. In the UFC section, GTBets has the same event options as leading sports betting sites such as BetOnline.

If you click on each sport on the GTBets website, you will be surprised to find that you have access to multiple leagues. For example, when choosing football, you may find that both NFL and CFL (Canadian Football League) odds are available. You will find that basketball especially covers events other than North America, including political betting, etc. The following are the different types of bets they provide: Asian losers, stringers, European losers, big/small, round robin, half court, props ·Live betting·etc. Although these are the standard betting types in sports betting sites, in terms of GTBets betting limits, they are more suitable for entertaining players. The maximum limit is $5,000 in NBA and NFL, while baseball is $3,000, hockey is $2,000, and the rest is The limit for sports events will become smaller and smaller. If you want to know more about the betting limits of betting types, it is recommended to contact the customer for more information.

Sports Betting Experience

The web page layout used by GTBets is simple and not complicated, and is much easier to navigate than some sports betting sites. The initial login page has the company logo at the top and far right, and two fields allow existing customers to enter their account ID and password. For new users, to the right of the "Login" button, you will see another button that says "Join". There are also these tags: sports, casinos, horses, cashiers, rewards, promotions and contact us.

In addition, the top of the page is very simple and easy to use, and the rest of the GTBets login pages basically display their discount slogans. On the right side of the promotional banner is another part of the page "Quick Signup".

Below the promotional banner and the quick registration field, you will see real-time bets that may occur. Real-time betting has become an important part of the online sports betting experience. The way of betting after the game has started has created many opportunities for players and sports betting. Of course, when you select a specific category, the site layout does look different. When it comes to website design for sports betting, focus on odds and betting slips. The odds of GTBets are easy to read and provide a good betting market choice for each game.

When you finally decide to place a bet, you will enter the betting slip. Like the overall design of the website, GTBets has a very user-friendly betting slip.


GTBets provides customers with some of the most competitive odds in the industry, especially in NFL football and college football. As a betting network for North America, considering that football is by far the most popular sport in the world. In general, the only problem we can find with GTBets is that they tend to appear later than other betting sites. Not very suitable if you like to bet in advance.

We recommend that you subscribe to GTBets weekly emails. Here, you will find promotions directly related to betting. As far as the quality of the odds is concerned, the benefits you will get include: high-quality odds discounts, point discounts, special bets and more!

Mobile Experience

GTBets does not have a dedicated mobile application, you only need to visit the website through a browser on all iOS and Android devices. We found that the mobile terminal of GTBets is still very good. After all, many sports betting have failed to successfully transition to the mobile version, but the mobile version of GTBets has successfully integrated most of the functions provided by the computer version.

Other Options

Let’s start with the casino, which provides players with a large number of games brought by developers Betsoft and Arrow’s Edge. The casino has many of the most popular games, as well as jackpot jackpot slot machines. They have more than 30 table games to choose from, including some classic games that casino customers expect. There are also a large number of variants of video poker, which can make fans of the game very satisfied. You can use nearly 20 video poker games. Finally, there is a special game section where you will find variants of Keno, as well as virtual 3D competitions for fans of these types of games.

Speaking of competitions, GTBets does have a very attractive 15% rebate for horse racing enthusiasts. For more information on horse racing, we suggest you contact your customers for more information. To learn more about the 15% horse racing rebate, we suggest you contact support@gtbets.eu



According to user surveys, bonuses may be the biggest reason to register for a particular sports betting. With this in mind, GTBets has one of the best welcome bonuses in the industry. As a new customer of GTBets, you can get a 100% cash bonus for your first deposit, up to a maximum of $500. This is especially beneficial for customers who make deposits for long-term betting.

It should be noted that the current benefits provided by GTBets are not free chips, which is why many players choose to recharge games in GTBets. Because there is a very important difference between cash bonus and free chip bonus. When you place a bet on a free chip game, if you win, you will not get the free chip bonus for the bet. But when you place a bet with a cash bonus, you will not only get the winnings, but also the cash bonus amount you bet. In other words, with the GTBets cash bonus, you have more chips.

In terms of recharge bonus, GTBets can also get a bonus of 5% to 50% for long-term users. In order to be eligible for this bonus, you must meet both of the following requirements:
· The current balance must be equal to or less than 25% of your last deposit
· Your last transaction cannot be withdrawn

In order to qualify for the recharge bonus, you can find this information on the bonus alert option in your account. What needs to be clear is that reinstallation bonuses are not an industry standard. The strength of recharging bonuses once again inspired many players to choose GTBets for betting when they started their online betting journey. In order to be regarded as one of the best betting sites in the industry along with Bovada betting sites and others, innovation must be highlighted in some way. GTBets is the first to launch its own recommended friend reward, which is just one of many innovations that have been shown in recent years. For every friend you recommend, GTBets will give you a 50% bonus. The Refer Friend Bonus can be used for up to $400 USD, and you can refer any number of friends.

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