The correct way to play Russian roulette, relying not on providence is the technique!

Dare to kidnap my wife, sweep the underground casino I have to find you out!

Chen Huimin played mahjong to knock Ah Ming do not go too far, but unexpectedly Ah Ming more angry

Brother set up his own mountain, sister with a bitter trick for the bottom card, but unexpectedly steal the chicken but not the rice

Stephen Chow: bet, I've never been afraid, wonderfully funny to see eight times

Lin Zhengying's big apprentice won the money of the master's sister, by Uncle Ying a few coins to get

Zhang Weijian and Yuan Qiongdan bet, gambling what is not good gambling this, the whole laughing point!

Jackie Chan excited gambling, but unexpected debtors to find the door, the ending is hilarious full

Star Master handsome appearance, special features by mistake to win the game, from then on to become famous gambling saint

The star will win every gambling, one person even turn each gambling table, pai gow even touch the supreme!

Tsang was bullied by foreigners, Stephen Chow, Jacky Cheung aside gambling money, and pitted Tsang!

Son a sentence mahjong loss of 10 million, the next second gambling king stepmother shot, a game to let him spit out

Several prison bosses bet that this prisoner can withstand the three punches of the kooks, but the result is embarrassing!

The master wanted to steal the chicken, but the gambling saint will set up a game within a game, the master instantly lost all

Chow Sing Chi and Andy Lau bet half an hour without talking

Ren Dahua the most awesome gambling, betting with a ruler to measure how many inches, without reporting how much, the scene pole pole

Gu Tianle bet with a beautiful woman, only the noodles with scallions to harm people, but once the noodles came up he looked confused

Four foreigners to the casino gambling money, but also dare to look down on the Chinese, the end of the old miserable

Master Star is worthy of the king of comedy, this paragraph watched 10 times, laughing to eat!

The poor boy went to gamble, see the table under the organ, a foot down to win double the money

Three people colluded to play mahjong, the result of the loss is the winner, it is estimated that Ren Dahua's most girly time

The black boss gambled with people in billiards, originally thought it was a sure win, but then fell into the trap

Tsang and they dragged Chen Baixiang to gamble, did not expect to lose badly

Zheng Zeshi and zombie guessing, lost slapped himself, too hard!

The old man lost money playing mahjong, and even asked Tan Yao Wen to save!

Little brother poisoning murder, I did not expect Wah to use the poker to report the message, bald guy is now dead

This is called the real gambling master, this is called the pinnacle of the Korean gambling film, the loss of the light still do not know

Ouyang Zhenhua and "gambling teacher" card battle, lose a plate off a piece

Wah and people gambling cheating, using the camera to see the opponent's cards clearly

Uncle won a day, Bond saw at once there is something fishy, on the field and his bet, but also doubled

The King of Gamblers is worthy of the King of Gamblers, gambling does not rely on cheating, sixteen pairs of cards actually rely on memory

Star master playing mahjong, Hung Hing big brother to help him touch the tiles pinch smoke, the row face bar!

This is the highest level of gambling! Not something that ordinary people can do!

Zhang Tianzhi and Ip Man bet, whoever wins is authentic Wing Chun!

Uncle bird fight landlord lost not convinced, but also play than the size of a spade, Fat a spade 3 stable win

The founder who surrendered and lost half

A heart to die Wang Xun gambling Russian roulette, a time on the five bullets

Gambling stones is one depends on the eyes, the second depends on luck. As the saying goes, one knife is poor and the other is lucky!

Louis Koo played black boxing, two punches flew the foreigner, won hundreds of thousands

Amnesia gambling king Zheng Shaoqiu street show talent, pointing out gamblers gambling size each must win!

What is the meaning of the deep hidden? God of gambling this trick to kill with a knife, is a textbook acting skills

Men practicing judo, betting with 280 pounds of fat, men are really great!

Wu Junru play blackjack, 18 points still want cards, by other poker friends sarcastic

Feng Delun grabbed nine business also even Hu 28, and nine is a disagreement is open to fight

Chen Baixiang and ghosts playing mahjong, grabbing to win the thirteen youngest, the ghost was scared away, too funny