Lai Ming as Gao Jin for the first time on the gambling table, will be the head of the snake won all over

The black boss and Wu Chunyu playing cards do not recognize, Wu Chunyu suddenly Bruce Lee possessed, will be a severe beating

Xu Guanwen playing cards and the other side of the little brother cooperation cheating, all kinds of win money! The way cheating I serve!

The old man cheated and took the ace of spades, the expert got it back in minutes, the money was lost and took his life

The master wanted to steal the chicken, but the gambling saint will set up a game within a game, the master instantly lost all

Man three people looking for beautiful women to play blackjack, we lost to pay, you lost to take off a shirt

Man with martial arts, by pulling a car and underground casino fighting martial arts for a living, but is the authentic Wing Chun heir

The star learned that he was gambling, a moment of panic, billiards played to make people laugh out loud

The foolish boy pretends to play 20,000, so what if the top player blocks and doesn't play, he still plays a single hanging hand

The big cheat just released from prison to gamble, holding a revolver and a beautiful woman gambling Russian roulette

Wan Ziliang gambling horse cheating was found, Andy Lau went up to drop the bottle top brother, enjoyable

Xu Guanying gambled Xu Guanwen to play billiards and lost to find him to buy insurance, not expected to win all his money

Girlfriend was bullied at the gambling table, Chen Zhanpeng strong fight face out of anger!

Tsang and they dragged Chen Baixiang to gamble, did not expect to lose badly

The guy wanted to make the beautiful gambling king quit gambling and deliberately took 10 million to lose to her.

Jiang Hua as the gambling warrior is really funny, using hypnosis to hypnotize the gambling demon, flush are losing

Fingertip gambling addiction, stealing money from Mr. Chen's wallet to satisfy his gambling addiction

The girl refused to lose, with all the money bet three 6, did not think that the god of gambling secretly help

Hollywood gambling films, there are also God of Gamblers-like card skills, but less a few points of dominance

Zheng Zeshi and Lu Liangwei bet, hit the inspector a slap 100 yuan!

Buddy 10 bucks on the gambling table to win all his boss's money, and was fired!

Damn fatty is too much! Pit him into the women's room and bet with colleagues how long he can stay in the women's room

Vivian Chen and others to play ball to lose to do the electric chair

Zhang Zhilin a move [king lightning hand] killed the Macau gambling king, the winner is the king

Chen Huimin played mahjong to knock Ah Ming do not go too far, but unexpectedly Ah Ming more angry

Xu Guanwen in order to escape the big brother's pursuit, in the casino with fake dice cheating

Uncle casino earn a lot of money, the next second on the blacklist, the uncle: can not afford to play?

Ku Tin Lok staged brainless gambler, in order to eat a meal with a beautiful woman to make such a pattern

What is the meaning of the deep hidden? God of gambling this trick to kill with a knife, is a textbook acting skills

Wu Mengda and Wu Junru play mahjong bar, even the star to Hong Kong are not to pick up!

Ten gambling ten cheat! Mahjong expert Yan Xilou teach the guy to prevent the thousand techniques, this gambling is simply too powerful!

Tang Bohu's eight concubines drink sprinkles, gambling, smoking is too funny

Jackie Chan excited gambling, but unexpected debtors to find the door, the ending is hilarious full

Howe gambling money in Macau was blacked out

Donnie Yen loses money to take his life to bet on cards, the last game won by surprise

He thought he was the god of gambling and gambled with people underground, but he won all the gambling money and owed a huge debt of $250,000

Zhang Weijian and Ouyang Zhenhua's gambling ultimate showdown, really strong in the strongest hand, too wonderful

Man out of the cheat to win the whole field, Wah took two thousand on the field, directly bet all the money on the table!

Gambling skills are too good by the triads forced to compete, Miao Qiaowei had no choice but to cheat to end the gambling game!

Gu Tianle bet with a beautiful woman, only the noodles with scallions to harm people, but once the noodles came up he looked confused

The champion gambler lost his family's money and could only let people violently beat to earn a living!

A one-time inventory of 3 "gambling silent" live-action version, what is the final ending of Kaiji?

Three women, a man, playing mahjong, did not expect to meet a gambling king, lost very badly!

The kooks to the casino gambling money was caught by the debtor, money gambling no money to pay, this is bad luck!

Did not wash their hands before playing cards, this hand is too smelly, but the brother did not see the death