Gambling Books

The Gambling Mathematician: The Wealth Formula to Beat Las Vegas and the Financial Markets
Football Fortune-European Compensation and Asian Football Lottery Research
Beating the Dealer: The Complete Casino Winning Strategy
Butterfly Transformation: A Field Narrative of Macau's Gaming Industry
10 Lessons in Minimalist Probability
Winner's Logic
Beating the dealer: a favorable strategy for blackjack
The man who overcomes all markets
The Persian princess chooses her husband - Decision making is a gamble
The Battle of the Ardennes: Hitler's Last Gamble
Caesar the Gambler
Confessions of a Speculator - Find your own way to win
Betting - How to make smart decisions when you don't have enough information
New thinking about wealth freedom
Conquer: Hollywood magic master teaches you how to win users
Perseverance: The Long Winning Path of "The Father of Index Funds" Borg
The enemies of investors Greed, fear, and overconfidence are the great taboos of investing
The contest: optimistic economics vs. pessimistic ecology
Investing is a gamble
Trading Champion: Confessions of a talented trader
Learn to follow the banker from scratch: to break the mystery of the banker, so that the banker has nowhere to hide
Wall Street poker
The Theory of Game of Fun: The Way to Success in Business and Life Collector's Edition
Warren Buffett and Soros 21 investment secrets
Digital Believers - Business Wisdom from the Casino
It's a gamble and an art: Peter Lynch on investing
The Wealth Formula: Playing Las Vegas and Wall Street
Capital Betting - How far away is Soros?
Casino-style trading strategies - building high-winning programmatic trading systems
Gambler's Creed: The Economics of Behavior You Mustn't Know
The Winner's Curse
Footballs investment treasure
The truth about money: teaching you to play the wealth game
Big Data and Quantitative Trading in Python from Scratch
Zero-risk gaming operation tips
Non-gambling trading - creating a plan of action for the ultimate success of the trade
The mathematical principle of chance: probability analysis of winning when you know you are losing
Short-term betting on money and long-term betting on life
Volatility Trading
The Complete Biography of Stanley Ho, King of Gamblers in Macau
From 200,000 to 3 billion: Trump's autobiography
600 rich businessmen's way of doing business
Everything is a deal: a way of thinking and simplifying to break the deadlock
Professional Speculation Principle
Business Adventures - 12 Classic Stories from Wall Street
Reading Economics from Scratch
Shorting - Turning traditional trading thinking upside down
101 pieces of advice for entrepreneurial investment
Counterintuitive Investing
Fishing with Warren Buffett
Harvard Investment Science
Big Deal
Big Money Thinking: How Good Investors Think and Decide
Rich for life Tony's top 10 investment tips
It is to teach you fraud - 108 gaming strategies that will change your life
Fast Money Games - 22 True Stories about Investing
Those who achieve greatness are good communicators
Beating the Big Board: Why Warren Buffett Can Win
Speculative Wisdom
Investment Jungle
The King of Hedge - The Legend of Quantitative Investment on Wall Street
Investment illusion
The Art of Spending Money - Why the poor are manipulated by money and the rich manipulate money
The big collection of golden ideas to make money
The most affluent investment
Soros Money Making Techniques
See through the main force thinking
Soros' speculative wisdom
Read a little bit of Master Investment Science every day
Money management - investment has a trick
Money management to learn Warren Buffett - investment to learn Soros
The Second Must Die - Fragmented Thoughts on Investment, Business, and the Internet
Apprentice with a Billionaire
Learn investment ideas with Warren Buffett - Warren Buffett's 8 most valuable investment rules
Strategic Thinking
History of Investment Thought
Soros Alchemy
Investing is a mindset
Statistical Arbitrage - Theory and Practice
Global Investment Travel - Investing Adventures Across Six Continents
Jewish Wisdom
No reason not to win - Read a gaming story every day
Superbrain Behavioral Economics - The subtle evolutionary mechanism behind "wrong behavior"
Jack Ma all the way so
101 Jewish survival wisdom
The first bucket of money - 50 life-changing business legends
Forbes Wealth Storytelling: Successful Business Practices of Forbes' Top Global Rich
Secrets of the rich
Biography of Vladimir Putin - He was born for Russia
Devil Investology
Investment madness - the motivation and method of investment determines the ultimate return
The Laws of Investing - 150 of the world's top investors in their own words
Mistakes even smart investors make
Soros invests in these tricks
The logic of wealth - why is it so hard for us to make money
The Great Pattern of Capital-The Investment Logic of a $100 Billion Manipulator
Trading Notes
Investment and financial traps uncovered quick search and use of large collection
Soros's top 22 tips for investing money
The Magic 543 Trading Method
The smart investor's way to success - good business, good company, good price
Do not be greedy - a contented life is the happiest
The first book to understand the world economy
Investment or speculation
Sniping the world: Soros and his 30 secret business rules
The Great Game Theory Trickery - Volume 1
The Great Game Theory Trick - Volume 2
The Great Game Theory Trickery - Volume 3
The Great Game Theory Trick - Volume 4