2022 Qatar World Cup Schedule

FIFA has officially announced the full 2022 Qatar World Cup schedule, with 64 matches to be completed in 28 days, the most compact schedule since the World Cup was expanded to 32 teams. The opening match will be played at 18:00 GMT on November 21 against Senegal vs. the Netherlands, and the final will be played at 23:00 GMT on December 18 at the Lucerne Stadium

Then the odds of winning the championship are also out.

Brazil 5.5 ranked first

England and France 6.5 tied for second place

Spain 9.0

Argentina 10.0

Germany 12.0

Belgium 13.0

Netherlands 13.0

Denmark 29.0

Croatia 51.0

Uruguay 51.0

Switzerland 81.0

Senegal 81.0

US 101.0

Poland 126.0

Serbia 151.0

Mexico 151.0

Canada 151.0

Peru 201.0

Cameroon 201.0

Japan 251.0

Morocco 251.0

Ukraine 251.0

Korea 251.0

Ghana 251.0

Qatar 351.0

Wales 351.0

Tunisia 351.0

Australia 501.0

Scottish 501.0

Shahr al-Arab 751.0

Iran 751.0

Costa Rica 1501.0

New Zealand 2001.0

2022 Qatar World Cup Schedule
2022 Qatar World Cup Schedule
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