Why Choose BetUS?

  • User-friendly Site
  • Competitive Lines
  • Large Rollover Requirements on Bonuses

The pages of the BetUS website are clean, tidy and easy to navigate. On the left side of the screen, BetUS can bet on sports options according to popularity, including football, basketball, ice hockey, rugby and baseball. There is also a very convenient feature called "Last Minute Betting", this feature will remind you of upcoming major sports events, and there are special options in live betting.

It is undeniable that BetUS is a sports betting network with an excellent user experience. On the one hand, BetUS's betting page is very intuitive. It allows you to easily use discount bets and pass the game. On the other hand, the website design is very simple, and the search toolbar is also very good. It can easily help players find the sports events they want, and will make you look for interesting bets without being distracted.

Sports Betting Experience

BetUS sports betting includes football, basketball, football, cricket, e-sports, racing, etc.

In regular-season NBA events, you will find many classic sports betting methods, such as Moneyline, Spread, and total points. Including double results, win rate, and gameplay of the team with the highest score. At present, BetUS basketball betting also covers NCAA, WNBA, WNCAA and European league international basketball matches.

BetUS covers all major leagues in football betting, such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and of course MLS. Not only that, it also covers football cups and world-class leagues from Australia to Turkey. However, it should be noted that in the best online sports betting sites, you will find hundreds of betting methods in a single football match, but BetUS only provides odds lines, basic handicap, total goals, correct score and half Field/full time betting.

Interestingly, BetUS also offers betting on cricket matches. We found that the betting network can also provide more game play, but overall, BetUS is also doing very well. The "live betting" part is also a fairly basic content of the site. Although BetUS does not provide live broadcast of matches, BetUS is commendable for providing betting on many real-time matches, especially football matches.


BetUS sports betting website offers very good odds. This makes him stand out in many online sports betting markets in 2020. Compared with the market average, BetUS's odds are very attractive. Its odds are high in basketball and football. (For example, if most betting sites offer -110 with a betting margin of 10 points, BetUS will offer -110 with a spread of 11 points.)

Is BetUS betting website legal?

BetUS is licensed by Curacao Gaming and is a formal licensed gaming company.

Mobile Experience

BetUS has an optimized website for mobile devices. This makes it easy for everyone to place bets on mobile devices. Not only that, the webpage also includes the advantages of a clear, simple and tidy interface.

Other Options

BetUS's online casino offers a variety of super slot machines and table games for you to choose from. For example, the [Blackjack] game has multiple ways to play. The betting limit is between $1 and $500. The video poker section also offers many games to browse. In addition to [Blackjack] and [Video Poker], other card games on the betting site also include [Baccarat], [Three Card Poker], [Caribbean Stud Poker], [Pai Gow] and so on. In addition, you can also include [Roulette] and [Dice Rolling] games on this website. Not only that, BetUS also provides five-reel slot machines, super slot machines, landmark slot machines, all-star slot machines and some other slot machine games, and BetUS casino also provides video bingo games and keno games.

In terms of racing, BetUS provides betting options on circuits across North America, Australia, Hong Kong and Dubai. In addition, BetUS also provides betting on the Greyhound Festival.



If you decide to become a BetUS customer, there are many options, from membership package A to membership package F. If you want to purchase package A, then at the first deposit, you must deposit from $100 to $299. If you use a credit card to make a deposit, then you will get a 50% first charge reward; if you use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to make a deposit, you will receive a 100% first charge reward. Not only that, BetUS also includes a 10% supplementary bonus, a 10% casino chip bonus and a 10% compensation bonus in the A package.

Note that if you choose membership package G, then your initial sports betting funds must be deposited in 10,000 US dollars or more. Again, you will receive a 50% credit card deposit first charge bonus or 100% cryptocurrency first charge bonus. Using this package, you will get a 50% reissue bonus. If you deposit more money, the replacement bonus will become more generous, such as: package A provides 10%, package B provides 15%, package C provides 20%, and so on.

On BetUS, the user’s package compensation remains unchanged at 10%; while the casino chip bonus is 10% (5% of the total amount) in addition to the package B benefits.

The user’s package compensation is a player’s benefit provided by BetUS, and its condition is 10% of the net loss of deposits from August to January and February to July. Players must apply for user insurance indemnity within the first two weeks of February and/or August. To qualify, you must ensure that your account has at least two bets per week.

The requirements of BetUS rolling vary with each sports betting membership package. Package A has three times the turnover requirement, while package G requires ten times the turnover requirement.

BetUS also provides bonus points rebates. If you are a senior member of BetUS, you will get more free online betting offers and rewards. BetUS sports betting network also provides free games, activities and other incentives. In addition, the BetUS website also offers many lucrative bonuses and promotions.

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