October 22 and 21, two days, for the Champions League third round of the match day, from this round of the game on the goals, it can be said that this is a round of the main contenders for the Golden Ball Award "goal day"!

The latest odds of the Golden Ball Award in the top 7 stars, except Kante, but all scored goals, it seems that for the Golden Ball Award, you are like a chicken blood general ah!

Lionel Messi, who is ranked first with 1.44 Golden Ball odds, scored two solo goals to come back from behind to win 3-2 in this round against RB Leipzig in Grand Paris.

Messi won the Copa del Rey in the league this season; he was also the league's top scorer, the league and Europa League assists leader; and winning his first career national team's first continental cup, the Copa America, and also being the Copa America's best player, top scorer and assists leader, became the most important factor for Messi to stand out in his bid for the Ballon d'Or.

In 2nd place is Bayern winger Lewandowski, whose current odds are 5.0.

Bayern scored four goals in 14 minutes to beat Benfica 4-0 in the third round of the Champions League, with Levan also scoring a goal.

Levan's goal tally this year is indeed a bit admirable, plus in the previous year, the regretful cancellation of the Golden Ball Award has caused many fans to have a compensation mentality, so they think Levan should get the Golden Ball Award this year.

However, it is the most unfortunate point for Levan that both his club and national team have failed to win important titles in intercontinental competitions - Champions League and Europa League - this year.

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho, on the other hand, is ranked 3rd in the odds list, with his odds of 7.5.

In this round of the Champions League, Chelsea played against Malmo, two penalty kicks were given to Jorginho to take the penalty, and the bird was able to achieve the "penalty kick" - Chelsea wanted to give Jorginho the final moment of the Golden Ball Award. The "goal" of the assists is also very obvious.

Jorginho has a Champions League and Europa League double to his name, which is his biggest asset for this year's Ballon d'Or!

But as a midfielder, although the collective honor is the highest, the most and the heaviest, but its sense of position is not as strong as the goal-scoring front players, "Wakabird" may have a great sense of competition for Messi, but it seems that the momentum is still gone, right?

In 4th place is Kante, the Blues midfielder with 9.0 odds, but he is the only player not to score in this round of the Champions League - apart from his outstanding performance in the Champions League final, Kante has also started to fade in the Europa League, which makes it difficult for him to compete for the Ballon d'Or when he was once in high demand.

At odds of 15.0, Cairo was the 5th best player in the Champions League, and after falling behind 0-2 against Atalanta, the Red Devils scored 3 goals in a row - including a header in the 81st minute to help the team come back and win, adding to his hype for the Ballon d'Or.

However, it can only be said that in recent times, before the close to the Golden Ball Award unveiling, C Luo team propaganda to create momentum, although great, but this year C Luo has basically withdrawn from the Golden Ball Award competition sequence.

In the club and national team level, C Luo did not take the title, only the league's top scorer and the European Cup top scorer personal honors, obviously not enough for C Luo to compete with Messi.

Ranked in the odds of the flat ranked 6th is Mbappe and Benzema, which Mbappe in this round of the Champions League, for the big Paris scored the first goal, and an assist Messi, and create a penalty opportunity; and Real Madrid in this round of the Champions League away 5-0 victory over Donetsk Miners, Benzema is also a pass and a shot to build a success.

The two had just won the UEFA Europa League some time ago - their only intercontinental title of the year - but the "UEFA Europa League" is a friendly competition for European national teams and has much less impact at the club level. Both failed to win the league title.

In recent times, with the new season's strong play, Benzema has caught up with compatriot Mbappe's odds - more interestingly, recently, Benzema's team has the strongest voice in the competition for the Ballon d'Or, with many of Benzema's related celebrities speaking out in support of "Benzema should The most interesting thing is that many of the celebrities associated with Benzema are speaking out in support of "Benzema should get the Golden Ball Award", so much so that some people say: "Real Madrid old master" the power to show again?

But it has to be said that with the excellent performance of Benzema this year alone, he is still difficult to pose any threat to Messi - perhaps, Real Madrid is accumulating popularity and creating influence for Benzema to compete for the Ballon d'Or in the future, right?

The odds ranked 7th is Salah, this round of the Champions League against Atletico Madrid scored two goals, but, although the Liverpool manager "Uncle Jag" said: the current performance of Salah more than Messi, but the "Egyptian Messi" this year, although the individual performance is good, but no competition The results of the bottom of the box, obviously there is no hope to compete with the real Messi.

According to the official website of France Football, the deadline for voting for the 2021 Ballon d'Or is October 24 - the third round of the UEFA Champions League, the last major competition before this date, and the next round of the league, it is no longer possible to influence the voting results.

The Golden Ball Award is based on 1. individual performance and honors received in the past year (individual and collective); 2. the player's talent and fair play spirit; and 3. the player's career.

Luo Ming, the editor-in-chief of Sports Weekly, the only media judge for the Golden Globe Awards in China, recently gave a general "criteria formula" for the selection.

"The first criterion for the Golden Ball is individual performance + team achievement, combined with this year, I have listed a formula: 25 points for domestic tournaments (17 points for individual + 8 points for team) + 35 points for European tournaments (25 points for individual + 10 points for team) + 40 points for national teams (28 points for individual + 12 points for team)."

Against this standard and formula, can we not conclude: Messi can almost say that this year will be "golden 7 words", forever written in his resume - from "Mei Lao six ", to "Mei Lao seven", has been irreversible!

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