Barcelona announced that Lionel Messi left the team! Annual salary of more than 1 billion, a pay cut of 50% also can not renew the contract, what exactly happened

In 2021, after 16 seasons, Messi still left Barcelona.

On August 5, local time, FC Barcelona released a statement on its official website confirming that Argentine star Lionel Messi will not continue to play for the club.

In a statement, FC Barcelona said that although both the club and Messi had reached an agreement to sign a new contract on the same day, but due to economic and La Liga-related policies and other reasons, the two sides could not formally implement the agreement, in such a case Messi will not be able to continue to play for FC Barcelona, both sides expressed regret at this result, FC Barcelona thanked Messi for his great contribution to the club, and wished Messi the best of luck in the future The club thanked Messi for his great contribution to the club and wished him all the best in his personal and professional life.

Barcelona FC's official microblogging site also released the following news.

The official microblogging site of Barça left the following words from Chinese Barça fans.

It is reported that after the announcement of Messi's departure, Barcelona's official website was once paralyzed due to the excessive amount of visits.

Annual salary before tax exceeds 1 billion

21 years with Barça

In October 2003, he signed his first professional contract with Barça, and on October 16, 2004 he played against Espanyol, breaking the record for the youngest Barça player to play in La Liga, and on May 1, 2005 he scored Barça's He scored his first goal in a league match against Albacete on May 1, 2005.

Messi made a total of 778 first team appearances for Barcelona, scoring 672 goals and finishing with 305 assists. He helped Barcelona win 10 La Liga titles, 7 Copa del Rey titles, 7 Spanish Super Cup titles, 4 Champions League titles, 3 European Super Cup titles and 3 Club World Cup titles.

During his time at Barcelona, Messi won six Ballon d'Or awards, six World Football Awards, two European Best Players, six European Golden Boot awards, eight La Liga Golden Boots, six UEFA Champions League Golden Boots, and was named to the UEFA Team of the Year 10 times and the FIFA Best XI eight times.

Last summer, Messi had revealed that he wanted to end his 20-year relationship with Barcelona, subsequently drawing the attention of Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City. But Messi's main reason for wanting to leave the club at the time was discord with then president Josep Maria Bartomeu (JosepMariaBartomeu). But in March this year, Joan Laporta returned to the team, the same president Messi had experienced when he started his career. Laporta's return gave Messi a reason to stay at Barca.

Just a short while ago the media reported that Messi would renew his contract with Barcelona for five years.

According to ESPN, Messi's last 4-year $674 million (pre-tax annual salary of about RMB 1.089 billion) contract expired on June 30. And according to Spanish media "As" reported, Messi's annual salary after tax next season is only 20 million euros, a pay cut of more than 50%, much lower than Neymar and C Luo, but Messi will receive a certain degree of salary increase in the 2022-23 season. In addition, in the renewal of the contract with Barcelona, Messi will get a substantial signing bonus, while the new contract's liquidated damages clause will be as high as 350 million euros.

As previously reported by French newspaper L'Equipe, Messi is willing to cut his 50% salary to complete his contract extension with Barca. But the problem with the stagnation between the two sides is that the team cannot register players for new additions Aguero, Depay, Garcia and Emerson because Barca has exceeded the La Liga salary cap.

La Liga has introduced a salary cap system since 2013, stipulating that the total salary of the team cannot exceed 70% of the club's total budget. previous media reports said that Barcelona general manager Alemany and La Liga League President Tevas in a meeting, Barcelona got a super bad news - La Liga side not only stressed that it will not relax the financial for Messi The fairness policy, but also will significantly reduce the Barcelona salary cap. Last season, Barcelona's salary cap has been lowered to 347 million euros, and if it continues to be lowered significantly, Barcelona will need to not only continue to reduce salaries, but also need more players to leave the team.

On the business side, Messi is already worth $400 million, according to the WEALTHYGORILLA calculations. In addition, Messi is ranked No. 2 on the 2021 Forbes Global Athlete Earnings list with $130 million (about RMB 840 million).

Where will Messi go?

Messi left Barca, where his next stop is attracting attention. According to Sina Sports, the bookies' current odds have Paris Saint-Germain as the team with the lowest odds for Messi's possible next home.

Lionel Messi and Neymar, the former Barca teammates who previously crossed paths when they played side by side at Camp Nou, are rumored to have a good personal relationship. There has been talk of Messi and Neymar joining forces again and of the Brazilian returning to Camp Nou, but now another possibility has emerged: Messi joining Paris Saint-Germain.

Paris have been linked with Lionel Messi on a number of occasions, and they are also the most favored to sign him, and the bookies believe that although Barcelona have announced Messi's departure, there is still a decent chance that he will continue to play for them.

In third place is Manchester City. Guardiola is the biggest attraction for Messi to join Manchester City, the two had joined forces to create the Barca cosmic dynasty, they won the Champions League twice in three years, including a record-breaking six titles. However, according to the British media "The Times" and the Manchester City followers, basically Messi's next home can exclude Manchester City.

The options tied for fourth were somewhat surprising, being any MLS team as well as Newells Old Boys, with Chelsea in sixth place.

Messi's next home odds.

1、Paris Saint-Germain 10/11

2、Barca 6/4

3、Man City 6/1

4, any MLS team 16/1, Newells Old Boys 16/1

6、Chelsea 18/1

7, Inter 20/1, Manchester United 20/1

9, Juve 22/1

10、Atletico Madrid 25/1

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