Top 10 things to watch for the European Cup finals! The ultimate odds are out: England beat Italy to win?

The European Cup final match is out. England will play against Italy at Wembley. It is clear that England is slightly favored. The final odds have been released. England loses 1.80 and Italy loses 2.0. England is expected to win the championship. . Let’s look forward to the top 10 highlights of the European Cup final.

First, the first British-Italian final

This is the first time in the history of the World Series that there has been a duel between England and Italy. In the early days of football, England was the hegemon, and then into the global era, Italy was the king. After a long development, both teams had a low point. England won the World Cup for the first and only time in 1966, when Italy happened to be in a low point. In the 1980s and this century, the Italian team rose twice, and the England team were all supporting roles. This time, the 2 teams finally met in the final.

Second, England rushed for the first championship

England has never won the European Cup, this is the first time to reach the final, the team will hit the first championship in team history.

Third, Italy looks forward to its first championship in 53 years

Unlike England, the Italian team once won the European Cup in 1968, but it has also missed the European Championship in 53 years.

Fourth, Mancini PK Southgate

Mancini is a star of the last century. As a stranger in the 1960s, he is currently a celebrity coach and has had great success in Serie A and the Premier League. Southgate is a few years younger than Mancini, he became famous later, and his coaching achievements are not as good as Mancini, so Southgate is a challenger.

Fifth, Kane punches the golden boots

Kane currently scored 4 goals, only 1 goal away from Ronaldo. Kane is expected to hit the Golden Boot Award, even including the Golden Globes Kane is also the biggest favorite.

Sixth, who will get the Golden Globes?

If England wins the championship, Kane is expected to win the European Cup Golden Ball, and if the Italian team wins, then this honor is very difficult to guess, countless people will have hope.

Seventh, attacking strong Italy PK defending England

In this final, don't think it is Italy's continued defense, England took the initiative to attack. In fact, the styles of these two teams have changed a bit. The Italian team has now scored 12 goals and tied the number of goals scored in a single tournament in the history of the team, while the England team only lost the first place in the European Cup in the game against the Danish team. ball.

Eighth, Italy wins the championship?

Italy currently has a complete victory in the European Cup, and what is even more amazing is that it is unbeaten in 33 games, has not lost in more than 1030 days, and has won 14 games in a row.

Ninth, the local curse

Regardless of whether the England team is fighting locally, only one team has won the championship in the European Cup so far. It happened in 1984 when the host France won the championship. Therefore, the local war curse, waiting for England to break.

Tenth, referee

Because the England team's elimination of Denmark was a bit controversial, the referee's performance in the final deserves attention. Don't forget, England is the home team, Italy may be very careful.

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