France leads alone-England and Italy tied for second place

On June 24th, as the European Cup group stage dust settled and the top 16 came out, Sky Sports updated the winning odds for this European Cup in due course. France is the number one favorite to win the championship with an odds of 5.0. Italy and England tied for second place with odds of 7.0, and Germany ranked fourth with odds of 7.5.

The latest winning odds for the European Cup are out!

Euro Cup winning odds update

France 5.0

England 7.0

Italy 7.0

Germany 7.5

Spain 8.5

Belgium 9.0

Netherlands 10.0

Portugal 15.0

Denmark 19.0

Sweden 41.0

Czech Republic 51.0

Croatia 67.0

Ukraine 67.0

Switzerland 67.0

Wales 81.0

Austria 101.0

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