Soccer Live Betting (Rollover), Tips and Tricks

1. The initial handicap of handicap, until after 75 minutes to maintain the flat half, the whole game 0-0, the over can kill!

2. go to the ground handicap was scored side up, continue to have the ball in, the over can kill!

3. The handicap does not change after the handicapper scores, only the water level is adjusted, the lower handicap can be chased!

4. After the handicap side scores the water level remains the same, the handicap remains the same, and the upper handicap still scores!

5. During the process of going to the ground, half a big change to 0.5, while the full game big at 2.5, half a big can be heavy!

6. go to the ground in the process, the whole field big change 2, half a big for half a (0.75), the goal will be very early, half a (0.75) to kill!

7. hemispheric handicap, the midfield handicap continues to hemispheric, regardless of the outcome of the first half, the second half and the ball!

8. the over handicap opened within 6 minutes to raise the water 20 points to lower the handicap, and within 15 minutes to lower the second handicap, all over can be expected!

9. Half-time 0-0 end, the size of the midfield walk open 1.5, the second half look good to have two goals into!

10. The home team allows half a handicap, Macau half full, the odds of home win is greater than 3.0, the home team is difficult to win.

11. eSports handicap water level of 0.75 at the beginning of the opening, the clinical field to keep the same can be played, if elevated difficult to get out, especially up to 0.8 will certainly die.

12. The strong team as an away team to even half handicap, the away team is undefeated, and the number of goals will be over the goal.

1. The best time to start the game is after 30 minutes of the first half, especially in the second half.

2. The first 20 minutes are for the bookies to digest the volume of bets, and the handicap will be on track after 25 minutes.

3. The pre-game handicap/water is compared with the mid-game handicap/water to evaluate the second half trend, which is one of the most important aspects of the walk.

4. The over/under idea is always to start in the direction of the over, never to support the under blindly.

5. The best entry handicap for over/under is half handicap, or one goal / half handicap, these handicaps are easy to save.

6. After 70 minutes is a high goal scoring period, the handicap is after half a goal.

7. Observe handicap trend by time period to find out the high/low/early/late openings, each league is different and must be observed separately.

8. When going to the ground, the upper handicap and the over/under level drop sharply by 10 water or more, mostly for the upper handicap to score.

9. The most favorable over/under handicap in the second half is 1 goal handicap.

10. Statistics of the win rate on top/bottom of the reels for each period.

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