Use betting psychology to improve your gambling luck

The discussion here is about the use of "mindfulness". Thoughts are magnetic and have a certain frequency. When you think, those thoughts are sent out into the universe, which then attracts all similar things of the same frequency. All the thoughts that are sent out will come back to the source - you.

I. Control your intention
Ideas exist in everyone's brain, good ideas can make you manipulate the ideas gradually from a bad fate, while negative ideas will only make your fate more unfortunate. When you have bad luck, you must remain optimistic, the heart must think my cards will definitely come good cards, what I want to come what, this idea is a positive idea, it can be a person's mood becomes very cheerful, full of energy, on the contrary, you always blame their bad luck, which has a negative implication, he will make you become depressed, listless.

The difference between these two intentions can cause your poker luck to change from bad to good, or it can make your poker luck friendly to bad.

Some people have made statistics, the better luck of people, most of them are cheerful, full of confidence in the future, which is God help you, you can only do this first to open the door to your destiny.

People live in the world no matter what to do to be happy as the fundamental, Milo's happy soccer is the Chinese people really happy, playing cards should also play happy cards, you have to maintain an optimistic philosophy of life, everything to the good side, even your failure to thank God to give you a chance to know the world, give you a chance to continue to work hard, in ordinary times you must contact more people with good fortune, because fate Good people will bring its good luck oscillation wave to you, if you always have some bad fate around you, the same they will bring their unlucky fate to you, in the time of playing cards, there are ten kinds of intention that will incur misfortune, they are

1. Too much self-awareness - too much self-awareness, the team spirit is poor, which will make the team's fortune turn bad, only to put aside their own distractions, only to think about the team's victory or defeat of people, is the root of their own team fortune to strengthen.

2. inferiority complex, a person with low self-esteem to do anything will not succeed, the more people say they can not, the more you can not, only to grow their own voice, high fighting spirit, in order to overcome the enemy.

3. melancholy, melancholy people must change their personalities, have been melancholy, your luck will only get worse.

4. jealousy, which is the worst intention, to see others excellent, others victory, and unhappy, so that the good intention will leave you.

5. resentment, see others play poker very smooth, they are unhappy, there is resentment, when you are full of resentment, evil will be around you, evil is heavy, good luck will be there?

6. Too much greed, no matter how to play cards do not have too much greed, greed will make your luck is bound by the interests.

7. negative, negative to do something is better than not to do, negative to do things will make things worse and worse.

8. arrogance, as the saying goes, "arrogant soldiers will be defeated".

9. laziness, a lazy person can not have good luck.

10. only think about the bad past, although the flowers in front of you, but you are always thinking about the winter cold, you will not see the good in front of you, self-fried, you will refuse the good luck to come.

II. Ideas that enable you to be lucky.
1. A grateful heart and a thankful heart can raise one's luck to a high level.

2. Sincerity to do good in order to accumulate virtue, no matter you do any public service or help others must hold a sincere heart.

3. Those who accumulate virtue will be blessed.

4. Happily engage in various activities and treat people and things around you with a sincere heart.

5. To believe that you can achieve your dreams and succeed if you start.

6. Whatever I can definitely do.

7. eternal youth, enthusiasm and humor at heart.

Being able to have all these can make you change your destiny, it is good luck to add some good fortune on your life chart, to get real luck, start from yourself.

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