The easy way to win at baccarat, craps and roulette

For games that are almost 50/50, such as baccarat, size, western dice, doubling games of roulette, etc., I have a good way to win more and lose less, and it's easy.

First of all, I would like to thank the famous American gambler, He Lowe, for his book "The Odds of Winning in the Casino", although many people have read it and feel that He Lowe did not explain everything, in fact he has said, only very obscure, I also read it again and again, and finally understand.

Try to make it as simple as possible.

First of all, what situations do casinos rely on to win money?

In addition to taking advantage of human psychological weaknesses, the main thing that can make a casino win is the absence of a "trend", or choppy hand as foreigners often say.

What is no trend? It is a situation where you win and lose, or win and lose, or win and lose, lose and lose, etc. In other words, there is no trend when one side appears once or twice and then turns to the other side.

The casino can often win (apart from the advantage of poor odds) and this is where it's at. Why? Because no trend accounts for most of the time, and the casino knows that as long as a table continues to choppy like this, the casino money will roll in.

So, what is the casino's greatest fear? The answer is self-explanatory, that is the trend. The trend does not often appear, but it will always appear, and once it does, the player who knows how to make good use of it is bound to win, and the loser is bound to be the casino, and this is what the casino is most afraid of.

It is the use of trends and the patience to wait for them to come.

But how to do it first?

Because there is no trend most of the time, it is time to keep the strength (or betting money) and wait for the time to come. What to do?

Quite simply, at this point, He Lowe's play is, 1 2

What's 1 2? That's a bet of one unit, and when you win, you raise the bet to two units. Whether this second hand is a loss or a win, the third hand is back to one unit.

That is, 1, win, bet 2, win or lose, the next bet is 1. If you lose the first time you bet on 1, don't raise your bet.

Remember, you can only raise when you're winning, not when you're losing.

Of course, it is also possible to raise the bet to 2 when 1 wins, and if you lose at that point, you can also continue to bet on 2, remembering that you can keep the original bet (here it is 2) if you lose money, but never raise the bet.

Likewise, it is possible to win at 1, continue to bet on 1, and after another win you can raise your bet, but remember it is not a given, there is no certainty in gambling.

Again, it can be like this

1 2 1, or 1 1 2 (win two 1s and raise on the third hand), or 1 2 2 (if you lose, you can use the 2 bet back on the third hand)

It's simple, isn't it? In a nutshell, it's all about, being flexible with 1 2 bets and betting when there is no trend.

Another question is, where to bet?

The 50/50 game, except for blackjack, almost always has a banker. He Lowe has said, but very implicitly, that in the absence of a trend, you can do these two things.

1, simply stop playing. Here, it can also be said that when losing a few hands in a row, it can be helpful to stop and relax.

2, follow it sway. Here is very important, many people do not see this. Again, sway with it.

What does that mean? It means that when there is no trend, you can relax, don't think too much, and bet on either side with the 1 2 small bets mentioned earlier.

Again, it's important to use 1 2 small bets and place any bet you want, banker or player.

It is very simple, when there is no trend, it is the time when there is no pattern, since there is no pattern, why do you need to hurt your brain, thinking which side to bet?

When there is no trend, bet anywhere, and remember to use a small bet of 1 2.

Why 1 2, you may ask? Why not use a flat bet (i.e. a 1 bet) at this point?

Very simple, simply because at this time, it is the casino to make money, and the game odds difference, this time to play the greatest effect, only with a flat bet, this time the odds difference will slowly wear out your gambling capital, and so on when a good time to come, may be negative returns (loss) has been large, even if you can grasp a good time, but also only a tie.

With 1 2, exactly He Lowe's secret, only raise with winnings, when there is no trend, bet anywhere the same, follow it swing, this is the best way to save strength when there is no trend. Of course, He Lowe also said that the other way is not to play.

Both can be used flexibly. Follow it occasionally to swing bets and pause occasionally not to play. Simply because, when there is no trend, it is the best time to play any arbitrary bets.

Many people may not agree with my above statement, but this is indeed what I understand after repeatedly thinking left and right exams, and finally stop thinking XD.

Next, it's time to talk about the good times for trends to emerge. This is when the players are at their strongest and the casinos are at their weakest.

How do you identify what is a trend?

It's simple, whichever side it is, 3 times in a row, it's a trend. That's according to Loewe Ho and his friend Lyle Stuart (deceased, who published Loewe Ho's book, a famous player who was said to have occasionally had the ability to accurately predict what the next bet would be during his lifetime, which people don't have).

What do you do when a trend emerges?

It's simple, just follow it. In other words, when the trend appears, follow it, even though it may break in the next hand, but remember is that do not resist the trend, such as not to follow, can not play (or temporarily do not play), never resist.

In other words, follow the trend when it comes and place your bets, or you can choose not to play. Remember, you can only do these two things, follow, or not play.

You might say, what if the next hand breaks after almost a few "consecutive 3s"?

What should I do if I never see more than 6 times in a row, or if I always see "3 in a row" or "4 in a row"?

It's simple, remember, flexibility is most important, casino gambling can happen to anything, and only if you become flexible, you can help yourself and adapt to the gambling game.

If this situation arises, the only way to temporarily do not play, remember what was said before, either follow, or do not play, which is flexible.

Another point is, when there is no trend, play 1 2, then when the trend appears, how to bet?

To "ride the momentum" at this point, place your bets as follows.

2 4 4 8 8 16 16 32 32...

The numbers here are the units of bets placed.

The trend appears (three times in a row on one side), follow it, bet 2 units, win bet 4, win again or 4, win bet 8, win again or 8, etc., until you lose.

Or it could go like this.

2 3 4 6 8 12 16 24 32...

In fact, you can bet any way you want, you can double your bet, or you can take part of your winnings and raise the other part, which is what foreign players call up and pull, that is, raise part of your bet and take back part of your winnings.

The thing to remember is that when doubling your bet, don't double it twice in a row. For example, if you bet 4 units, win, double your bet to 8 units, and then win again, don't double your bet, because if you lose this hand once, you'll lose everything. This is the above mentioned 2 4 4 8 8 16... way.

As I said, when the trend comes, it is the weakest time for the casino, so if you don't take advantage of this time to strike hard, when will you wait?

There is also the fact that trends are unpredictable and we can never know, when they come, how long they will last, whether they will be long or short, and whether there will be a worst-case scenario, the "short trend" mentioned earlier that keeps coming up. But the thing to remember is, gamble and don't overthink. If you think too much, your mind can't be calm, and without a calm mind, to win, it's impossible.

Even though you can't predict how long the trend will last, why think too much about it? Flexibility is most important, or that, to follow, do not play, such flexibility, can help yourself calm down, calm heart, you can calmly respond to the battle, you can be patient, a turn of luck, the opportunity to win money will come.

Another thing to say is the amount of capital.

Likewise, flexibility in dealing with capital issues, generally, the gambler's entire capital is around 500 to 1000 units.

In other words, if you play a unit for $100, the entire capital is between 50,000 and 100,000.

A period of gambling with on your person, usually 50 to 100 units, can also be increased to 200 units, which is also their own stop loss point.

In other words, such as bad luck, lost all the 50 to 100 units, immediately stop-loss withdrawal, relax, do not forget, that is only part of the gambling capital, the strength is still there, you can win back, the focus must be stop-loss, such as unfortunately lost (generally will not be so, only when very unlucky, or their own lack of discipline will happen, but not often), then pause, relaxed mood, to be in a better mood When the mood improves, you can naturally continue. Remember to relax and be flexible.

Of course, may not have to wait to lose all before leaving, you can leave at any time, such as bad luck, so that the mood is not good, then do not play. To win money, good mood is the key.

Another point is that when waiting for a good time, but lost a sum of money due to a bad hand, how to effectively earn back the lost?

The increase ratio of 10% is available here.

For example, if you currently have 15 units, the 10% of 15 is 1.5, so you can have 1.5 units as one unit.

That means, for example, before for 100 yuan a unit, now lose 1500 yuan, 1500 yuan of 10% is 150 yuan, currently change a unit to 150 yuan, continue.

This is the fixed ratio method as stated in the book of He Le Wei, which is used in the head, it is the increase ratio of about 10%.

So why increase the number of units? What is the point of doing this when you are currently losing money?

The significance is that by doing so, you can avoid having your capital worn down by the game's odds differential. Yes, if you continue to be unlucky, you can lose all your betting money, but if you do not increase the number of units, it will be difficult to make back the lost money. Imagine losing $2,000. Is it easier to win back with $100 a unit, or $200 a unit?

An increase in the number of units has its risks, but it's much better than being gradually worn down by the odds differential.

The last important point is that self-discipline.

Many people in the casino are losers and very few winners simply because there are very few people with self-discipline. Self-discipline may seem simple, but not everyone can do it, such as no self-discipline, then don't play, no self-discipline, for sure, will lose.

The above mentioned, as you can notice, are all very simple ways. The main reason is that simplicity is right, simplicity can make the mood naturally relaxed, relaxed mood is like the Buddha said as immovable, or Taoist inaction, or Zen meditation. It is hard to imagine that the way of casino survival is closely related to these, right? In fact, everything is closely related to the "Tao", but that's another story.

What I want to say is that simplicity naturally makes the mood relaxed, calm and patient, and it is natural to play with ease. This is the secret of the winner.

It is possible that many people do not agree with what I said, and it is up to a person to practice and realize.

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