8 small psychology of gambling

The most commonly seen is a piece of "Gambling Psychology" circulating on the internet, the original is from the book "Beating the Banker" noted by Mr. Bozhi. The first time I read it, it was like a drum in the morning, but after reading it many times, I felt that I was not finished. So I started to look for information in other books, and also have a little experience, and then I thought, it is better to write it out, so as to deepen my understanding. This is how I came up with this article, which is a patchwork. Many of the words and phrases in this article are from many books on futures, even if they are not the original sentences, they are still taken for their meaning. The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the truth, and I do not agree with them. Please make your own analysis and judgment.

I. Values
"What exactly is the best way to make a 'long, steady, profit' in the betting market?" This is the answer that most bettors (players) are eager to know, but I'm sorry to say that the real answer will probably disappoint most of you because, if you want to make money in the betting market, you have to change your "values". In short, you have to change the way you think about money.

All newcomers to the betting market have only one goal: "make money", this is the most basic requirement, based on human needs, this basic requirement will continue to develop into - "get rich", because the meaning of making money is too vague, every month from the betting three thousand yuan profit is also earn. The actual fact is that you can get a lot more than just a few of these, and you can also get a lot more than just a few of these. Of course, it is not enough to make a big amount of money in a short period of time, so it is further required to "make big money at any time", in other words, many idlers are thinking "I want to turn the banker into my ATM" - so far, such thoughts are enough to depict The subconscious mind of most players.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The most serious mistake they make is to mistake "increasing the number of bets" for "increasing the chances of making money". In fact, the reality is that you may experience the exact opposite result. Frequent betting may "dramatically increase the chances of making money", but it also "dramatically increases the chances of losing money"! What you are doing is not taking, but the fruits of your labor after using your wits to outwit your opponent.

II. Self-discipline
In the betting market, there are only two ways for bettors to succeed, one is to be very lucky; one is to be very self-disciplined. The majority of these people are very fortunate, but very few of them are very lucky. Therefore, the majority of the so-called successful bettors, and even investors, are highly self-disciplined.

The word "discipline" has many meanings. A disciplined bettor does not just follow his own set of betting rules, but it is important to understand in advance that these rules have a winning effect. Discipline is a rigorous structure that includes the necessary skills and mental qualities, such as self-control, consistency, organization, consistency, management oversight, insight, and action. All of these are skills that all gamblers aspire to develop. Unfortunately, these skills and attributes cannot be developed overnight and there are no shortcuts to success.

The most inexcusable thing for a betting professional is to be undisciplined and change one's betting strategy at will.

Three, know yourself
In the betting market, betting strategy and risk management are indispensable. If a bettor only focuses on how to bet, then even if he is very good, he will still be unable to escape from the possibility of failure and will always be on the verge of success. It is for this reason that we need to "know ourselves".

First of all, risk-taking is necessary. In fact, many people do not think carefully, life is actually full of many risks to take, risk is part of life. What we call "gambling" and "speculation" today has been around since ancient times, when the ancestors faced many enemies of nature, such as wild animals, weather and so on. For these risks and uncertainties in life, we are often bewildered and ignorant. But in fact, it is by taking risks that we can survive.

When your betting performance is bright and you think you are a casino winner, what you learn is in fact very limited. It is only when you are consistently losing money and others are questioning your analytical skills that you will learn if you truly have what it takes to survive in the betting market.

The most effective investment tool is to know yourself better, modify your personal mindset appropriately, and adjust your relationship with the casino.

IV. Psychological capital
Good bettors forget that the purpose of their bets is to make money, they just concentrate on their betting skills consistently and making money is just a by-product of taking the right steps. A good bettor will carefully analyze the odds of winning or losing before placing a bet, and they focus on the game they are facing at the moment. A bettor who keeps his eyes on the money on the table will distract himself from his gambling skills. Betting with too much attention to the money can also reduce the chances of success. Implement the right betting and money management rules and the money will come. Money is the only way you can keep your record in this game.

So, your most important capital is not money, but psychological capital. Psychological capital gives you the power you need to bet on making money. Without psychological capital, even if you make money for a while, you can't maintain or increase your money capital for long. Of course, a healthy body enhances psychological capital, and without health there is no wealth.

The adequacy of your mental capital reserve depends on how well you can adjust when faced with the stresses of your personal life and workplace. Just as an athlete must rest between games to perform well, so too does a bettor need time to recharge.

Bettors need to be patient, admit their mistakes and set stop-losses. Don't be intimidated by sudden losses and don't let a sudden influx of profits stir up greed that prevents you from following through with your betting and money management strategies. If you run out of mental capital, you are bound to make expensive betting mistakes.

V. Accepting failure
From time to time, people regret their mistakes, but those who have passed away can be traced. If we correct our mindset, admit our mistakes at the right time, and learn from them, it will only help in future betting. The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. If you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to learn a lesson.

A good bettor must not be overwhelmed by a sense of failure or else he will really become a loser. A bettor cannot allow a momentary loss to lead to a chain of losses, nor can a momentary oversight cause an irreparable mistake. The mindset of wanting to recover a losing situation as soon as possible is akin to opening a door to a failure trap. When you lose money, you may feel that the casino swallowed your money and must give it back to you. The more you want to win your money back, the more your relationship with the casino becomes like a bloodthirsty vendetta. The truth is that the odds of winning or losing are all objective, no one is holding you at gunpoint and forcing you to bet on the wrong side, and the situation you are facing is not tainted with emotion. Win or lose, the casino is still there. If you impose your emotions on a situation where you feel nothing, it will be futile. Your human emotions do not make money for you, and usually go against your rational economic interests. You may get angry, you may fight back, and you may feel that the casino owes you, when in fact it does not. You may bet too much, or lash out at those around you. And this whole process runs counter to the betting strategy you carefully planned in the first place. What you should do is face the fact that you lost money, evaluate it, learn from your mistakes, adjust your betting plan if necessary, and then decide where to go next.

Money symbolizes almost everything in the real world, so it is 100% natural to feel fear and anxiety after a loss. It is definitely a normal reaction. The difference between a good bettor and the crowd is not whether or not anxiety occurs, but whether or not they can regain their composure within a few minutes.

That's why it's nothing to encounter failure, it's how you react that matters.

Six, cherish your money
Bettors need to work hard to find and calculate the maximum chance of payoff. But the only certainty in life is death (or taxation, according to some); therefore, even if you are a professional at betting, you can at best "predict" what the outcome of the money you put in will likely be.

And whether you win or lose, you have to stick to the original financial plan. The most significant factor that causes misjudgment is often due to investing more money than you can afford. If you over-bet and lose for too long, you may get out early before the situation reverses in your favor.

If a bettor wants to be successful, he must learn to manage his money and know how to allocate his financial resources. A professional bettor sets aside as much money as he is willing to risk to bet, in other words, he puts as much money on the table as he thinks he can afford to lose. A professional bettor is neither influenced by the amount of money he puts in nor does he go soft or shrink because of an unexpectedly large short-term win or loss.

Remember that betting on your own money is not in conflict with the previous point, the two may seem opposite, but they are actually two sides of the same coin. Once a bettor gets a taste of winning, he or she will become lazy and relaxed when betting again, because they feel that the money they have earned seems to have fallen from the sky without cost, as if it is the casino's money and not their own. They forget that what they have invested is their hard earned money. Carelessness is the Achilles' heel of the gambler. Too easy a profit or a string of profits often makes a bettor reckless and impetuous, and then want to try higher risk bets.

The key to avoiding this mistake is to strictly adhere to a betting analysis and financial planning system. When you make a bet, you must forget about the money itself and focus on applying the right betting analysis techniques that will naturally earn you money. In other words, when faced with a profit or a loss, remember that it is your own money, real visible money. By valuing your money and sticking to your betting strategy, you can resist the temptation to take excessive risks and not take your money lightly as if it were casino money.

VII. Self-adjustment
You must keep your head on straight. Top gamblers stay in top shape whether it's mental, intellectual, psychological, emotional, or physical health, never allowing for drug or alcohol damage, overeating, or a stagnant lifestyle. Finding time to relax and participate in recreational activities can help you successfully overcome stress. In other words, maintaining a balanced lifestyle over time is integral to success.

Analysis and betting are strenuous, must sit indoors, and are extremely stressful. Therefore, you should try to engage in leisure activities that are effortless, outdoor, dynamic, and stress-free, such as dirt bike riding and trekking. It is also necessary to spend time with your wife, read books that are not related to gambling or investing, pursue spiritual growth and engage in enjoyable recreation. Spending time to quietly allow your mind to settle can inject new energy into your wild ideas. And of course, don't forget to schedule some time to do research, improve your skills, grow more, and meet new people.

VIII. Humility
I've included "humility" as the last chapter in the text, yes, that's right, "humility". Humility is the most important character trait for gamblers at the table. Many philosophers consider humility to be one of the most important human virtues. Stephen R. Covey wrote in his book "An Appointment with Success" that we must first try to understand others before they will understand us. In other words, we have to listen and understand others before we speak. This way, you can get more information and be able to respond appropriately. The same is true for betting. To become a successful bettor, you must first learn to listen to the casino. It is only when you learn to be humble that you can understand the casino, reach out to it, and respond intelligently.

Those who think they are smarter than all the others in the casino think they are always the lucky ones. They won't keep this view for long. You should be humble in front of the casino. Otherwise the casino will let you know that this attitude will go wrong. The casino will make you humble. When you think that the knowledge you have is very impressive and valuable, maybe people have already mastered it too.

Never be complacent. If you are complacent, you will forget the risks and remember that the best bettors are the most humble people. Knowing how to be humble is like knowing that we must not look directly into the hot sun. It has been proven that when we appear in the casino as a wise person, failure always follows us; when we appear in the casino as a humble, foolish person, success and luck will follow us. In short, let's be realistic and leave success to ourselves and perfection to the casino, not the opposite of it. So remember: always maintain a humble stance.

Conclusion: to make a living in this line of betting, all must do a good job of psychological construction and maintain a tough attitude: win-lose changes may be unjustifiable and even incomprehensible, we must bravely meet the challenge without worry or fear and embrace the risk, nothing can be fully mastered and nothing is absolutely certain.

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