Ye Han Feng Yun twelve moves to achieve a generation of gambling king

A legendary gambling king, Ye Han, started as a small lottery officer, buried in the gambling table for decades, and finally achieved the prestige of a generation of gambling king. Although the King of Gamblers has been a hero in his twilight, his legend is still circulating in the jungle, and he summed up the gambling skills of the twelve moves, but also every gambler must read the "Bible".

The wind and clouds twelve trick of the four appropriate eight taboos

The four desirable things are.

1, it is appropriate to endure, the hand wind is not good, first to endure the hand.

2. It is advisable to wait and wait for the luck to arrive and then place your bet.

3, it is advisable to be ruthless, the hand wind turns smooth, the bet should be hard enough.

4, it is appropriate to kill, their own banker and good luck, a few mostly to kill!

The four best summed up, that is, when the hand wind is not smooth, do not be anxious and anxious to bet, to have patience, wait slowly, wait until the arrival of luck to bet again, when the hand wind is smooth, to dare to place heavy bets, and their own banker, good luck, do not hesitate, kill it.

The eight taboos are.

1, avoid bad mood, restlessness.

2, avoid economic constraints, "lonely cold money" (lonely cold money: indispensable living expenses) lost quickly.

3, avoid grinding rotten seat (grinding rotten seat: death all refuse to leave), long gambling good hurt.

4, avoid lovers on the side, the mind thinking, there are gold not know how to execute (not know how to execute: do not know to take).

5, avoid arrogance and frivolity, first win and then defeat.

6, avoid the gamblers around "begging their hate" (begging their hate: hate), the most likely to bad luck.

7, avoid appeasement, money not (not: not) win all, turn head to let people eat left over shed bones.

8, avoid not familiar with the line, do not know how to play, clip hard (clip hard: always have to) bet jan (jan: mess) heart injury. Note: "even win to rush, even lose to shrink.

Eight taboos summed up, is not in a good mood, do not play when impatient, do not play when the capital is not enough, play to have moderation, do not play up and can not stop, lover in the side do not play, will affect the calm thought, calm, cautious, victory is not proud of defeat is not discouraged, there are nasty people around do not play, play must go all out, otherwise sooner or later will lose back again, even win to rush, even lose to shrink, do not be paranoid, have to go Do not do things that can not be done, the result is the effort and hurt.

The twelve moves of Ye Han Feng Yun, in fact, do not talk about any actual skills, mostly the control and grasp of the mindset, however, when you think about it, this is exactly what is most difficult for gamblers to do. The experience of the gambling king Ye Han tells us that in gambling, the mind is more important than the skills, and only by maintaining a good mind can you be invincible in gambling.

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