Gambling Scriptures" share, can you read it?

The original gambling chapter first

Gamblers, nature also. What is nature, said: the tendency to profit and avoid harm. This is the people of the people, the cause of all things, the law of all the sect; all things are born because of gambling, all things are extinguished because of no gambling; so the world is not a matter of gambling, nothing can not bo.

The gambler, also natural. What is natural, said: follow the rules. Therefore, a good gambler must take advantage of the righteousness of heaven and earth, let the nature of all things, born in Wuji, into Taiji, moving in Yang, stopping in Yin.

The gambler, the phase is also. What is the meaning of the phase of the economy, said: the nature of both also. Therefore, good gamblers square to establish virtue, round to deal with the world; rigid to establish the body, soft to adapt to it; stretch to take advantage of the opportunity, yield to wait for the time; convergence to nourish life, courage to forge ahead; into the world to hear, retreat is to protect the body without worry.

The Second Chapter of Cultivating Virtue

The gambler, nurturing virtue also. What is called nurturing virtue, said: loyalty, sincerity, faith, filial piety, courtesy, benevolence, righteousness, generosity, and diligence, frugality set in one also. All the people are to cultivate virtue as the basis, the survival of the rise and fall of the ancient not from the road is not there. Therefore, good gamblers must have virtue and body repair, body repair and family Qi world peace.

The gambler, also practice. What is the practice, said: see the good then move, there is a change. The practice, the point of the gathering; good habits to help make things happen, bad habits of the source of failure; so good gamblers must repair the world's good habits, do not fight to become the world's great things.

The gambler, also magnificent. What is the grandness, said wide people said grasping already also. The person who is generous does not blame people for minor faults, do not send people's private, do not think about the old evil of others; Keshi is not shocked by the favor and disgrace, to stay unintentional; so good gambler, often win or lose, although nine things ten defeats also smile.

Keshi Chapter 3

The gambler, the reward has also. What is the reward has been, said: know has been heavy has decorated has also. The reward has become half of the thing, people more reward and help it. The person who is thin is much lighter than the loss of people, not self-help is nothing to compete, delusion has been much fear of people far away, but good behavior of those who also have become; thin has been delusion has been sickness, so good gambler although there is sickness and inferior to people, but also handle it with ease; not delusion is not thin, and the world moderate.

The gambler, also guard the quiet. What is the meaning of keep quiet, said: its nature like the silence of the water, its heart like the mountain is also strong. The quiet, the fundamental of gambling also; keep quiet people do not lose, although not necessarily, but gambling algorithms exist, enough to Road wisdom, allow there is also. Therefore, the good gambler in the face of the matter and concentrate on, no consideration; no matter, no I; sleeves leading the group, tarzan collapse and the heart does not panic.

The gambler, with patience also. What is the use of patience also, said: abstain from desire also. Desire can not indulge in, lust is led, give up their own things. There are three ninjas, that is, the firm patience and the hidden patience and the forbearance. The greatest benefit, the source of the moment of patience, the greatest disaster, from the moment of intolerance, so good gamblers must be tolerant in the heart, spittle from the dry.

The fourth chapter of the false borrowing

The gambler, the chips also. What is called chips, said: violence, power, fame, fortune, sex ...... is also beneficial to those who become. Has the chips when the use of the exhausted, but there are not good fake, can be fake there are six: said the family said friends said the reason said borrowed said the period said the promise, good fake and used as the tiger's wings dragon's water also. The chip is not a solitary person, all people have it; but no success, its use is not. Therefore, good gamblers must change the transformation of the, so that the return of the blade; gambling with its class, should be the clouds; gambling with its desire to win, such as taking things from the bag also.

The gambler, false momentum also. What is the false momentum, said: standing wood in a thousand feet, floating stone in the rapid water also. Potential, the ancient ruler of the by; gambling success and failure, all by the gods of the potential, the winner, the loser is defeated; potential changes but odd positive, odd positive, such as the endless cycle, can not win the poor, so good gambler, must measure the potential and gambling, with a flat, with positive, with odd, know the changes of victory and defeat, gambling such as water into mud.

The gambler, the real base also. What is the real base, said: long skills also. The foundation is solid, the branches and leaves open. Gambling without the basic, should be slowly fixed, not presumptuous to do great, gambling without the basic, the world can be deceived by the bumbling generation. The skill more injury, ten skills mediocre, not as long as a skill, so good gamblers must be long skills, can make good use of the long skills and win the world also eat.

Measurements Chapter 5

The gambler, the situation is also informed. What is the meaning of the situation, said: review its changes, examine its sequence, measure the power of the measure of energy, school its skills short and long, the opportunity to get things also. The opportunity, the beginning of success, but also the cause of failure, so the micro-word micro-action, are gambling on the opportunity. The survival of victory or defeat in a thought, so good gamblers must change the ghosts and gods to get their feelings; hole as if watching the fire, the phase of the time and move, waiting for the opportunity to act; the time of day does not make for, personnel do not make for the beginning of it; ready for the time of day and personnel, then there is always and can not win.

The gambler, with wisdom also. What is the use of wisdom, said: win with a plan. The gambling to the wisdom of the establishment, used in the crowd can not know, can not see, the plan of the Yin, said God; into the Yang, said Ming, people do not know why it is; and the world than the gods also. The use of the magic, in a heart, so good gamblers must be the first priority of wisdom and strategy, given to the gambling, if the light of the shadow, a hundred gambling does not I; on the contrary, if the mud and cattle into the sea, every bet will lose.

The gambler is also sober. What is sobriety? Say: know where you are, know the change of people, and examine the benefits and harms. Can out of this, can be light can be heavy, can be slow can be urgent; can be into can be retreat, can be gained can be lost; light and heavy, slow and urgent, into and out, gain and loss, its gambling one. Therefore, a good gambler must watch the shape and knowledge, examine the situation, detailed gains and losses, the number of successes and failures, the way to go, know the opportunity to advance and retreat.

Caution Chapter Six

The gambler, also prudent speech. What is prudent speech, said: when the words of those who speak freely, inappropriate words will be a million mouth shut. The words of the fire, profanity will burn themselves; the words of the sword, good words, the sword of the clan; words have natural, words have a departure, the abolition of the reason for survival, darkness and clarity of the art, are the words of the machine also. Therefore, good gamblers must plan the end of the beginning of all categories, to reach the human heart of the reason, to check the original and to seek the fact that the purpose of the word.

The gambler, good listening also. What is good listening, said: good other people's words, to determine right and wrong, know the safety and security, know success or failure. Other people's words, can become in the matter, can also be ruined in the matter, so good gambler must listen to the degree of the rejection of the Na, in order to benefit its matter, in order to compete with its work.

The gambler, prudent action also. What is the prudent line, said: made in the easy, made in the fine also. The line, the beginning of things, but also the end of things. The success of the full, often fail in the subtle line. Therefore, although good gamblers have avenue, must be the first to be careful, choose a small place under the big effort.

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