Reflections on becoming a professional gambler

1、What is the essence of gambling?
A: Gambling is, to put it bluntly, a war with the alter ego of the mind. It is to gamble with the mind; to fight with that inner self that is greedy, weak and fearful.

2、What is the fundamental purpose of gambling? What is the key to ensure the safety and maximum profitability of gambling?
A: The fundamental purpose of gambling is to make a profit. Proper use of funds to control risk is the key to safe gambling and maximum profitability.

3. What is the most fundamental difference between a professional gambler and an occasional gambler who makes random profits by luck? What accurately reflects this fundamental characteristic?
A: 1. in a long-term, stable, sustained manner, relying on merit and professional, scientific management to inevitably profit is the most fundamental difference between professional gamblers and those who rely on chance luck, to randomly profit gamblers. 2. the accumulation of long-term gains from real-world operations will accurately reflect this fundamental characteristic.

4、What is the standard of right and wrong for professional gamblers?
A: The professional gambler's standard of right and wrong: they believe that not in accordance with the laws, principles and discipline is to earn money is also wrong; on the contrary, in accordance with the laws, principles and discipline is a loss of money is also right. In a word: only right, there is no profit and loss.

5、What are the ways to develop the ability to gamble in real life? What are the specific aspects of the harsh and never soft systematic and brutal training that professional gamblers give themselves?
A: 1. the formation of practical combat ability through the strict and painstaking training that must be experienced to get, there is absolutely no second way to go. 2. a) the requirements and training of professional gamblers quality (state of mind, misconceptions), b) the repeated recitation of classic trends (ability), c) a hundred refinements into steel conditioned reflex instinct (the gun is the hand, the hand is the gun). d) repeated simulation exercises of sandbox combat (sense of the situation)

6、Professional masters are always in constant battle with what factors?
A: Professional masters are always fighting with their human weaknesses.

7、What is the basic framework of a professional gambling management system? What three aspects of gambling success need to be worked on?
A: The basic framework of the professional gambling management system is: gambling philosophy system > gambling philosophy ideas > gambling practical military method > gambling practical techniques > gambling practical techniques advance to practical art. Gambling success needs to be worked on in terms of knowledge, ability and realm.

8、What are the fundamental laws that the world changes follow?
A: The movement, development and change of the world follow the fundamental law of chaos, the cycle of yin and yang, and the spiral of reciprocity.

9、What is the only way to become a professional gambler?
A: Hard training, deep comprehension, and enduring pain that ordinary people cannot endure is the only way to become a professional gambler, and there is absolutely no second way.

10. How can we ensure that our gambling activities are under our full control?
A: We take the approach of admitting our incompetence at some point and giving up the illusion of knowing all the laws. Use only that part of the casino that can be recognized, grasped and quantitatively described by us as the practical basis for the unfolding of our gambling activity. To calmly and openly give up uncertainty and unsure chances to ensure that our gambling activity is in a sphere that is completely under our control.

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