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XingKong Sports Founded in 2022, it is a leading online gambling brand in Southeast Asia and one of the One of the largest online bookmakers.

XingKong Sports is a diversified service website. They are authorized by the Philippine government. High-quality service and strong strength are deeply loved by players.

XingKong Sports values every customer and provides every customer with a good gaming experience , XingKong Sports is a safe and trustworthy betting platform with super high odds and rebates, fast and safe deposits and withdrawals, and provides customers with 24-hour one-to-one service.

XingKong Sports With an average of 30,000 live bets placed every month, their sportsbook offers over With 200 ways to play and seamless live betting with zero time difference, it is one of the top sports betting platforms in Asia. In addition to sports betting projects, XingKong Sports also has e-sports (IM e-sports, Pan-Asia e-sports), real-person entertainment (AG real-person, EBET real-person, OG real-person, DG real-person, BBIN real-person), lottery betting (win-win lottery, LB Lottery, KG lottery, BBIN lottery, TCG lottery), electronic games (PG electronics, PT electronics, MG electronics, PP electronics, DT electronics, fishing games), chess and card games (Gordon chess and win-win chess and cards). The rich and varied gambling games have attracted many loyal players all year round.

XingKong Sports-Official Partner of Lecce Football Team in Asia

XingKong Sports with its professional technical team, exciting sports events and ultimate gaming experience It has been widely praised by the industry and has become the leader of sports entertainment in Asia. Coupled with humanized management concepts, outstanding corporate culture and a professional and powerful technical team, XingKong Sports has reached strategic cooperation with many internationally renowned leagues and teams in a short period of time, and its popularity has skyrocketed.

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