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  • Fast Payouts
  • Don't accept Americans

BetAsia.is a historic gaming company. As early as 2005, Weide Company withdrew from the [Wide Asia Entertainment City] betting network for the Asian market. To this day, BetAsia Betting Network is still in the Asian gaming industry. The leader, BetAsia is licensed and operated by DOUBLE JOY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED in the Philippines.

Based on the principle of good faith, combined with professional level and high-quality products and services, BetAsia always maintains a strong competitiveness in the fierce competition in the Asian market, enabling it to develop rapidly and steadily in the industry and successfully gain a good reputation.

BetAsia has a long gaming history of more than ten years. At the same time, it provides Asian gamblers with efficient, excellent and safe gaming products, high-quality gaming services, and a well-known reputation. It has also been joined by many gaming enthusiasts.



BetAsia provides more than dozens of different welfare activities, and is constantly updated every month, which is one of the advantages of Weide attracting many loyal players. Weide’s first deposit benefit is 128%, and new users only need to deposit 100 yuan or more for the first deposit, and they can directly receive 128 yuan bonus. Join BetAsia to enjoy more betting benefits and entertainment.

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5.0 rating