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TIANBO.is an international top comprehensive betting and betting group that always adheres to professional services. Since its establishment 10 years ago, it has successively obtained the British Virgin Islands (BVI) license certification by the British Government Gaming Association, the Philippine Asia Pacific Entertainment Gaming Agency (APECO) certification, and joined the British Isle of Man Gaming Commission (IOM), Gibraltar Gaming Management Committee and its government supervision , And strictly abide by the relevant industry codes of conduct and regulations set by the European Game and Gaming Association (EGBA).

TIANBO is committed to building the most authoritative and credible global top comprehensive gaming operator, adhering to the dual principle of "sincerity-oriented, people-oriented", continuously increasing service types and broadening its business scope. At present, the group's business has involved game development, advertising and marketing, copyright management, blockchain model application and development, AI intelligent application management, cloud database security operation and maintenance, mobile security payment detection and risk identification, etc., and strive to open up the industrial ecological chain, and do To the unity of product and effect. In addition, the group insists on and invests in independent research and development, and currently has a global exclusive security mechanism and management model, such as cloud encryption payment system, international standard 256-bit encryption technology, etc. At the same time, the group’s independent research and development core technologies have obtained the international information security management standard system ( ISO/IEC17799) authoritative certification, everything is to provide customers and partners with the highest quality and the most complete safety guarantee.

TIANBO's brand slogan is "Enjoy what you win, and win what you think", advocating to lead a new wave of customer experience on a global scale. TIANBO's brand mission has always revolved around "worry-free transaction, worry-free management, and worry-free withdrawal", referred to as "Worry-free Golden Triangle". Boldly propose and practice the combination of data encryption technology in the blockchain to empower the cloud encryption system, greatly improve the security performance of user accounts, and enhance the security barrier. TIANBO implements the "Four Ultimate" concept, including extreme care, extreme service, extreme exploration, and extreme innovation. The ultimate concept represents TIANBO's oath to standardize and refine its products and services, strive for perfection, and pursue breakthroughs. The first "Mr.TIANBO" AI intelligent service system, the implementation of face recognition function, butler service, online intelligent management, mainly reflected in the wisdom to ensure the safety of users' personal information and property, customized teaching guidance, 24-hour uninterrupted online customer service, and intelligence Settlement system, etc.

In 2010, TIANBO participated in the cooperation with the Vancouver Winter Olympics and announced that TIANBO had officially spoken out. Since then, TIANBO has continuously participated in the 2011 Snooker British Championship, 2012 European Cup, 2013 F1 Motorboat Championship, 2014 Brazil World Cup, 2015-16 Premier League, 2016-17 Bundesliga, 2017-18 season Many internationally renowned sports events such as the Champions League final and the 2019 America's Cup, and finally reached a partnership; participated in the ACOP Asian Poker Championship in 2016.

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SiGMA Gaming Exhibition

At the same time, the group pays attention to the development and upgrade of various high-tech fields, and was invited to participate in the "Blockchain International Summit" held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2018, and the "AI Everything" International Summit in Dubai in 2019. It is worth mentioning that TIANBO, as an invited guest, focused on how to use the multi-centralized synchronization accounting, identity authentication, data encryption and data non-tampering features in blockchain technology to help upgrade online customer information and account security. The encryption function was reviewed and analyzed. In 2019, it accepted Tencent's invitation to co-host the World Artificial Intelligence Go Competition. In recent years, due to the rapid development of AI technology, chess and card games, including Texas Hold'em, Mahjong, Doudizhu, etc. have gradually become the main front of AI technology exploration and research. TIANBO firmly believes that the power of technology can change the world and promote changes and leaps in the service system of all walks of life. The alliance with Tencent this time is undoubtedly that AI technology will be fully applied to the corresponding game industry such as chess and cards, injecting new vitality into the development of the gaming industry.

In 2017, TIANBO was shortlisted for the "Best Technology Innovation Award" in the Asian Mobile Awards (AMO), mainly for TIANBO's application of blockchain digital encryption technology to the cloud encryption system, strengthening the international standard 256-bit encryption technology. The award aims to recognize the innovative achievements of the entire Asia-Pacific region in the field of mobile communications, from equipment, technology and applications to wearable technology. In 2019, TIANBO was invited to participate in the SiGMA Gaming Exhibition and was included in the shortlist for the "Asian System Supplier of the Year" award. The exhibition is an annual industrial event held in Malta in the Mediterranean. It invites major gaming brands across Asia to participate. It is a well-known industrial event and selection in the gaming industry, representing the industry's recognition and encouragement of brand contributions. At the same time, it has been nominated for two important awards in the 2020 Global Gaming Awards London, including "Online Sports Betting Operator of the Year" and "Annual Corporate Responsibility Plan". TIANBO once again won the internationally renowned industry awards, and GGA London is the most credible and professional award in the industry, which fully proves that TIANBO has been rooted in the industry for many years and has been praised by the industry for its continuous pursuit of breakthroughs and innovation.

TIANBO knows that the pace of information technology upgrading is changing with each passing day. The ability to apply emerging technologies to industrial development and actually drive industrial upgrading has played a vital role in the development of the industry and the future world, and corresponding higher education has also become vital. Part of it. In 2016, TIANBO reached an in-depth school-enterprise cooperation relationship with the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, and established high scholarships in the school to fully support the training and development of information technology talents. As one of the top 30 well-known universities in the world, the University of Edinburgh has produced 25 Nobel Prize winners, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of the world and mankind.

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Official signing of the Croatian national football team in 2020

TIANBO not only pays attention to the development and application of global science and technology, but also pays attention to the training of talents in the global information technology industry. While investing in technology and education, TIANBO has never forgotten that as an enterprise it needs to make due contributions to society and human development. Therefore, since 2013, TIANBO has successively reached long-term donation cooperation with the "International Wildlife Conservation Society" (The Wildlife Conservation Society, WCS) and "World Wide Fund For Nature" (World Wide Fund For Nature), and a total of donations have been made by 2018 More than 70 million yuan. Committed to protecting the natural environment, raising the awareness of all mankind on the protection of wild animals, and arousing social attention through corporate donations. In 2013, the BBC and the International Foundation for the Protection of Animals (IFAW) jointly launched the public welfare documentary "I Found A Way", which attracted the attention of people from all walks of life around the world, including a number of international media such as BBC, China International News Agency. , Reuters, The Times, Australian Expr

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