Why Choose Skybook?

  • Broad range of bonuses
  • Half point offer on football and basketball
  • Plenty of free deposit options
  • Non-Bitcoin withdrawals are costly
  • Slow Payouts

Skybook is a mature online sports betting, mainly American players. It is known for offering creative bonuses, reducing betting lines for football and basketball, and a variety of banking services. It covers a narrow range of motion and you won't find many props, but it is perfect for those who like to simplify the sports betting experience.

The company was established in 1998. It encountered financial problems in 2010 and defaulted on payments during the bankruptcy process, but then the company behind the popular sports betting BetPhoenix quickly closed down to save it. Since then, it has once again become a popular and reliable sports betting site.

Skybook should not be confused with SkyBet, which is one of the largest betting sites in the UK. Skybook is part of a smaller group that also includes BetPhoenix and BetMania, but it has liquid funds to make up for your profits.

Skybook chose a design with white, blue, gray and red color schemes. The site looks fairly basic, without flashy graphics or visual effects, but anyone who wants to bet quickly should be satisfied with the features of the site. In the widget on the left side of the home page of the Skybook website, the list of sports and leagues covered is arranged in descending order of popularity.

This is a sports betting site for the United States, so soccer, basketball, baseball and hockey are naturally proud. Happily, Skybook surpassed the American league and provided betting on baseball in countries such as Japan and South Korea, as well as betting on basketball in Spain. However, competitors' sports betting networks cover more basketball and hockey leagues from all over the world.

Skybook obviously takes soccer seriously, because it is very prominent on the homepage, divided into England, Spain, Italy, Europe, America and Asia. Once again, many competitors' sports betting sites will provide wider coverage than Skybook, but you will find that football from Vietnam, Costa Rica, Iceland and Slovakia are offered together with major leagues, which is a good choice.

In addition to major American sports and soccer games, you can also find major products such as golf, tennis, UFC, table tennis, boxing, and motor sports. Sometimes there will be sports markets such as cricket, rugby, cycling, darts, track and field and Australian game rules, as well as some entertainment markets, such as competitive eating games. However, you will see more sports events on other betting sites, including more leagues and more betting options.

Skybook clearly displays the classic trio of money line, spread and totals betting, even on the biggest games of the day. You have to then scroll down to find a limited range of props on the same games, as they are displayed in a separate section. Some of the sportsbook operators we review will offer players hundreds of different betting options on big games and niche games, including game props, player props, alternate lines and so on. Skybook offers little in the way of variety, so you will have to look elsewhere if you want to bet on a wealth of different exotic props. There are a few props here and there, such as first-half betting, but other books go a lot deeper.

You will find a reasonable range of betting markets. You can bet on the winners of the NBA Championship, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Formula One Drivers Championship, etc., and then bet on how certain teams will perform throughout the season, and on those who will win conferences and departments. However, there are some surprising omissions. For example, you can bet on the upcoming Premier League, but you cannot bet on who will win the league, which team will be relegated, etc. One of the advantages of the site is the political betting section, which contains many exciting betting options related to the US election.

Skybook offers new customers a series of attractive free game bonuses to attract them to register for an account. Using code SK150, you can get 150% free game bonus. The minimum deposit to qualify for this bonus is $200, and the maximum deposit you can get is $3,000. Therefore, you need to deposit your $2,000 into the new account to unlock up to $3,000 in free game bonuses. This promotion comes with a rollover multiple of 16 times, plus a two-week retention period, credit card deposits are not eligible.

If you want a smaller extension, you will get a smaller bonus. Use the coupon code SK100 to take full advantage of the 100% free play bonus provided by Skybook. It has a rollover multiple of 12 times and has a retention time of two weeks. Credit card deposits are not included in the promotion. The minimum deposit for this free game is $100, but the maximum bonus you can get is only $300. You can finally choose a 50% free game discount, which is also valid for customers who deposit $100 or more, and the maximum reward is $300. The difference is that this bonus only requires 8 times the rollover.

There is a separate bonus for credit card deposits. You will get a 150% free game bonus, and you must deposit at least US$200 to be eligible, doubled is 18 times the rollover, you can receive up to US$500. You should remember that free play offers are not as attractive as cash bonus promotions. With the cash bonus, if the free bet wins, you can keep the money and profit you bet. With free game bonuses, you can only keep profits, but not the bet money.

Skybook also runs a free half-point plan as a promotional activity to ensure customer loyalty. You can choose to run this promotion on football or basketball, depending on which sport you like to bet on. These bets have a maximum limit of $500, but they do not apply to bets made with free game funds, nor do they apply to 3, 7 and 10 in football. It only applies to the NFL and NBA regular seasons, and bets must be placed over the phone between 9 am and 1 pm from Monday to Friday.

If you register for an account on this sports betting site, you can also benefit from a steady stream of short-term bonuses. For example, there is an offer for a Super Bowl game, which leads to a monthly winner. After a long break in 2020, when the NBA season restarts, Skybook provided a 200% free game bonus to celebrate this event, plus $25 in cash. Before the start of a new NFL or NBA season, you should look for an offer of this nature. If you can persuade your friends to register an account on the site, you can also get a 25% referral bonus.

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