Why Choose JustBet?

  • Great Bonuses
  • Fast Payouts
  • Lower betting limits

JustBet is a well-recognized sports betting site, known for offering early play, high limit, fast payout and generous bonuses. Founded in 2000 and located in Costa Rica, it has a long history of treating players fairly and paying on time. It has a high score of Deal4Bet and has achieved excellent results in all aspects. The company behind Bookmaker acquired JustBet in 2013, and JustBet has grown stronger since then.

The betting platform is almost the same as that on Bookmaker, and so is the bonus structure. The color schemes are slightly different, and there are some subtle differences between these two well-known betting sites, but they are very similar in general, and you will get a powerful and comprehensive experience on either book. The name JustBet clearly tells you its meaning. It does not waste any time visually, allowing you to place bets as quickly and easily as possible.

JustBet is also popular among high-stakes players and casual players with its extremely high competitive advantage, high betting amount and fast payout. It is also known for publishing some of the earliest routes in the business, making it a popular sports betting site among professional bettors.

JustBet provides you with a series of impressive sports. This is a betting site for the United States, so it highlights football odds, basketball odds, baseball odds, hockey odds and UFC. You can't find a lot of available bets on JustBet, so you have to look elsewhere for hundreds of players on the NFL, NBA, etc. You will also find some betting items where football fans can bet on who will win the Super Bowl, various divisions, etc., and bet on or under the regular season victory of each season. NBA, MLB and NHL also have similar betting items. Although you won't find a market like regular season MVP or Rookie of the Year, it also covers some of the most important markets.
JustBet is very strong in soccer. You will find leagues in countries like Lithuania and South Korea, as well as major leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga and MLS. JustBet is also strong in tennis and golf. You can also find niche sports such as Australia, snooker, volleyball and table tennis on JustBet, as well as mainstream sports such as boxing, racing and rugby.
There is also a very detailed politics betting section at JustBet. As a US facing betting site, the markets are all focused on US elections, but JustBet goes a lot deeper than some competitors. Esports are covered pretty well, with Dota 2, Starcraft II, Overwatch and more on offer, alongside various sims. One advantage for JustBet players is that the list of sports on offer, which runs down the left side of the homepage, is constantly updated throughout the year. If there is no football on, it naturally slides down the list, and the likes of soccer, baseball and martial arts go to the top. This makes it easier for players to find action to bet on quickly.

Sports Betting Experience
The JustBet login process is very simple and customer support can be easily obtained. In terms of real-time betting, JustBet is also very powerful. We know that several large European betting sites have very smooth and sophisticated real-time betting areas, while many US-oriented betting sites are far behind, except for JustBet and sister site Bookmaker. Because you can bet that the game progresses as the action progresses. The live betting part is easy to use. Some bettors may wish to choose more live betting options, and live streaming will be a good choice in the future, but overall JustBet is a great site for live betting enthusiasts.

Odds Quality
JustBet does not offer premium betting odds, but the odds offered are the most competitive in the market. We analyzed their comparison with competitors. Although JustBet does not provide the top best odds on the market, their usual odds are still very good, and they are definitely higher than the average odds. Another advantage is that their odds come out very early, which makes professional punters like it very much.

Mobile Experience
You can access the JustBet mobile website through your browser. No need to download the app. The team at JustBet has done a great job of effectively converting desktop websites to mobile. It is easy to navigate and you can quickly place bets while watching the game. Although the loading speed of some pages is a bit slow, in general, JustBet's pages are still very smooth.

Other Options
When you visit JustBet Casino, you can choose from many exciting table games and online slot machines. Any casino game fan will be happy to see JustBet offers roulette, as well as a variety of different blackjack and poker games. Players can also benefit from a series of exciting casino bonuses, which are much more generous than sports betting offers, but naturally bring higher requirements.

The racebook of JustBet is also great. It allows you to bet on horses for as little as $1, and it covers more than 50 North American events, as well as all events around the world from the UK to Jamaica. You will also get an 8% horse racing rebate, whether you win or lose, the profit really helps a lot. JustBet provides customers with a very thorough sports betting, excellent competitions, many e-sports events and an excellent online casino, so this is indeed the best one-stop service.

JustBet fully deserves an excellent reputation in the sports betting industry. It has been running for many years, and the customer support is doing very well. It has never had any payment issues or security loopholes, so you can rest assured that this is a safe and trustworthy legal sports betting site. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to bet quickly and effectively without fussing.

If you decide to sign up for a JustBet account, you can choose from several different welcome bonuses. When you use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum as your first deposit, you have more choices. If you want to use Visa, Discover card, bank wire transfer, P2P transfer, there is only one welcome bonus to choose from. JustBet will provide you with a 15% cash bonus, up to $600, with a 5 times rollover requirement.

If you use cryptocurrency as your initial deposit, you can choose from three different welcome offers. The first is a 25% cash bonus, worth up to $500. You must deposit $2,000 worth of cryptocurrency to unlock all $500. The minimum deposit required to meet the conditions of this promotion is $100, and then 8 times the rollover is required. The cash bonus is better than the free game chips, because if you successfully bet after receiving the cash bonus, you can keep the principal.

The second option is a 50% matching deposit cash bonus, valued up to $500. The difference is that you must roll over 15 times to withdraw money. Finally, you can choose a 100% cash bonus worth up to $300, so that you will get a total balance of $600 after depositing $300, but it has a 30 times rollover requirement. Compared with the bonuses offered by some of JustBet's competitors, this is somewhat difficult. These cash bonuses are only valid for players in the United States or Canada.

You can also choose various reload rewards. For anyone using JustBet sports betting to choose cryptocurrency as a banking method, there are three tiers: gold, platinum and diamonds. Gold members can recharge by using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and receive a 15% cash bonus of up to $600. The minimum deposit is only $10, and there is a requirement of 8 times the rollover. Platinum members will receive a 25% cash prize, up to $2,500. Again, the minimum deposit is $10, which requires 8 times the rollover, and the same is true for diamond members. They can get a 25% cash prize, up to $5,000.

In JustBet sports betting, there are some gold, platinum and diamond level gamblers who do not use cryptocurrency, but the rewards are different. It can provide you with a 10% cash recharge, you need to deposit a minimum of $50, and the maximum bonus you can get is $400 in cash, and there is a 4 times rollover requirement. Platinum members can get a 15% recharge bonus on JustBet. The minimum deposit is $50 and the maximum reward is $600. It requires 5 times the rollover. Finally, for diamond members who do not use cryptocurrency, a 20% reinstallation bonus can be provided. The minimum deposit is $10, and the maximum reward is $800, which requires 5 times the rollover. JustBet also offers promotional activities for referring friends, each referral can get a maximum of $500.

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