Why choose HTH?

  • Various Deposit Bonus
  • Fast Payouts
  • Don't accept Americans

HTHFounded in 2008, HTH is a world-leading online gaming brand, a wholly owned sub-platform of AWE, and one of the largest online gaming companies in Asia.

With the authorization of the Philippine government, HTH is a one-stop shop that offers a full range of gaming and entertainment products and has been well received by players since its launch due to its quality service and strength.

HTH will value every customer and bring a good betting experience to every customer. AWS is a high-speed, secure gaming platform with superb odds and rebates, fast and secure access to funds, and 24-hour one-on-one service for customers.

With a monthly average of 30,000 live rollover bets, their sportsbook offers over 200 ways to play and seamless rollover event betting with zero time difference, making it one of the top sports betting platforms in Asia.

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5.0 rating
5.0 rating