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  • Different welfare bonuses per year
  • Slow withdrawal speed

The BetPhoenix betting site was established in Costa Rica in the mid-2000s and attracted many American players by offering generous bonuses and covering a wide range of betting markets.

BetPhoenix betting site is one of several sports betting sites under the BetPhoenix Entertainment Group. Sister online sports betting includes BetMania, BetLatina and SkyBook. BetPhoenix provides a typical gaming experience, including sports betting, online casino, live casino and competition book. Due to the slow payment speed, difficulty withdrawing funds, and high fees, many users avoid the site and insist on using the best sports betting. However, in recent years they have cleaned up these problems.

Over the years, BetPhoenix has obviously ruined a lot of reputation and caused dissatisfaction with many players. As a result, their reputations in the sports betting world are mixed. Did not get rid of their bad past. For a long period of time, they have been plagued by bad reviews from players, including many complaints from players because the payment time is too slow, the processing fee is too high, the processing time is slow, and they are unwilling to pay a large amount of bonus for many times. Case.

These are serious problems that cannot be ignored. Indeed, they lowered their ratings on our website more than once. If you are the kind of high-stakes player, then you may not be willing to register an account on BetPhoenix. However, it must be emphasized that with our help, almost all problems related to customer complaints (especially those involving large expenditures) were finally resolved. Yes, BetPhoenix does pay its players fairly, but it takes time.

According to the page of the website, BetPhoenix sports betting network and casino have been licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority. However, we discovered in 2020 that BetPhoenix's license has been suspended. Over the years, BetPhoenix has cooperated with a number of online gambling software providers. During this period, we have been investigating their services and it is obvious that they have been working hard to improve. We also found that BetPhoenix is ​​running SoftSwiss software.

BetPhoenix sports betting offers a wealth of bonus options, from attractive welcome bonuses and attractive referral bonuses, to various other cash bonuses and deposit bonuses, such as credit/debit card bonuses. All cash bonuses are applicable to all betting options on this website. The customer service team of this sports betting site is keen to explain to you any questions about the bonus plan.
That being said, BetPhoenix encourages customers to contact customer service before making a deposit to confirm bonus eligibility and any applicable terms and conditions. Deposit bonuses are usually used by entertainment players in Bet Phoenix. BetPhoenix has other internal rules. Before accepting any bonus proposal, it should be researched. The management reserves all rights to cancel or cancel the bonus at its own discretion. Promotional offers may change regularly, so please make sure you check the BetPhoenix website for the latest offers. If you have any questions, please contact BetPhoenix customer service. The following are the main promotions currently offered:

Sports Sims 150% Free Play Game
The Sports Sims 150% welcome bonus offer is one of the newer deposit bonuses to be added to the bonus offer lineup. According to the terms of this free competition promotion, the bonus will provide 18 times the rollover period and two weeks of retention time. The minimum deposit is $200 and the maximum bonus amount is $1,500. Credit card deposits are not applicable.

150% Welcome Free Play
BetPhoenix has an attractive 150% free game bonus that all new customers can claim. On the surface, this is a generous bonus, but it contains a lot of terms and conditions, including a 16-fold rollover requirement and a two-week retention time. The minimum deposit is $200 and the maximum bonus is $1,500. Credit card deposits are not applicable to this deposit bonus. You should also remember that the $100 cash bonus is always more attractive than the $100 free match chip bonus, because if your cash bonus bet is successful, you can keep your cash bonus, but if you get free chips You can only keep profit when betting on bonuses.

100% Welcome Free Play
The 100% free game bonus is in many ways lower than the above bonus. Although it is still reserved for two weeks, its 12-fold rollover requirement is slightly lower. In other words, the bonus is only valid for a deposit of $100 or more, and the maximum bonus amount received for this promotion is only $300. Credit card deposits are not eligible for this bonus bank option.

50% Welcome Free Play
The 50% free game bonus is one of the lower balances required in all bonus series provided by BetPhoenix, with an 8 times turnover requirement and a two-week retention period. This deposit bonus is applicable to deposits of $100 or more, and the maximum bonus is $300. Credit card deposits are not applicable to this bonus.

Esports 50% Special Bonus
E-sports is becoming more and more popular, so sports betting sites should pay attention to it. Our review pointed out that in the new professional gaming world, BetPhoenix provides powerful products. This bonus offer is only applicable to e-sports betting. The minimum deposit is $100 and the maximum bonus is $300. The extension requirement for this reward promotion is 8 times the turnover, and it is reserved for two weeks. Support credit card deposits.

25% Referral Bonus
If a customer wishes to invite friends to play games on the site, BetPhoenix sports betting will provide a 25% referral bonus. Friends must meet certain requirements in order to receive bonuses. The bonus received from the referrer is 5 times the turnover requirement. The minimum deposit amount is US$200 and the maximum bonus amount is US$375. Various other terms and conditions also apply to this bonus. For example, the bonus has regional restrictions.

10% Free Play Game
BetPhoenix provides a 10% free game bonus for every deposit made by American customers. The minimum deposit of $100 is eligible for this recharge bonus, which is broken down into a maximum of $30 cash bonus and $30 free game. The betting requirement is set to 6 times the turnover, and these funds can be used for regular betting lines in sports betting.

Credit Card Bonus
BetPhoenix offers two credit card bonuses. The first one is a 150% bonus, which is only valid for new customers and is only a one-time bonus. The second credit card reward provided is a 100% reward for the deposited funds. Both credit card bonus promotions require a minimum deposit of $200 USD. The maximum bonus amount is set to $500. This promotion requires to meet the transition requirement of 18 times rollover.

Casino Bonus Offers and Specials
For those who like to play in virtual casinos or live casinos on the site, there will be plenty of casino specials. The virtual casino offers 500% welcome casino and slot machine bonuses, as well as 350% slot machine bonus and reload bonus offers. At the same time, the live casino offers two promotional bonuses: 150% and 175%. All bonuses have different minimum deposits and maximum bonuses. BetPhoenix's rolling requirements are also different, ranging from 30 times turnover to 65 times rollover. Credit card deposits are not applicable in most cases, and there are other regulations. For other terms and conditions, please check the "Bonus" section of the website.

VIP Club
The VIP Club is a membership program that is only used by invitation. The program provides continuous rewards for a small number of players to keep them patronized. Diamond, platinum and gold are divided into three levels, among which the diamond VIP club is the highest achievement. These benefits include sports betting deposits, birthday rewards, 2 free cash withdrawals a month, and other exclusive monthly net losses of a certain percentage return. Please contact customer service for more detailed information on how to qualify for the BetPhoenix VIP Club.

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