Why Choose Bet105?

  • Good odds quality
  • LIve Betting
  • Backed by Heritage
  • Unavailable outside of North America
  • Only BTC method

Since 2020, Bet105 has not promoted any popular bonuses or recharged bonuses, but Bet105 is more focused on providing customers with high-quality betting routes and extremely smooth user experience.

However, Bet105 may offer bonuses in the future because there is a "Bonus Rules" section on the website, which mentions the maximum bonus of $500 and a multiple of 5 times the rollover requirement, which is much more generous than most online betting requirements. .

Bet105 covers a wide range of sports, and its details are very rich. This is a sports betting player for the United States, so you will find soccer, basketball and baseball at the top of the sports covered, followed by football, hockey and tennis. It also covers many other sports, including boxing, MMA, golf, table tennis, racing, rugby union, rugby union, Australian rules, badminton, snooker, handball, volleyball, cycling, cricket, darts and futsal. This is an impressive list of major and niche sports.

It is aimed at North American sports fans, mainly focusing on NBA and MLB, so there are no special weird and exciting leagues around the world. However, hockey fans will find that Russia and Sweden have a wide range of games.

Most sports betting only offers classic triple betting, including Asian pays, European pays, and total size, but Bet105 provides you with more than 170 different betting options, which is very suitable for professional players to bet. You can bet on results, ice hockey lines, many spare ice hockey lines, totals, various spare totals, team totals, correct scores, no bets, double chances, exact totals, periodic bets and more.

The number of gameplay available in the basketball game is even more shocking. You will usually see more than 1,800 betting options in one game. It starts with the game winner, spreads and totals, then you will see a wide range of other spreads and totals as well as team totals.

You can place half-time/full-time bets, exact winning margin, group winning margin, match reaching a certain number of points, odd or even, exact total, half time betting, quarter betting and regular time betting. They also have player gameplay. The total points, assists, field goals or blocks you can make in the game are above or below, which provides many options for bettors.

Soccer coverage is usually a good measure of how strong a sports betting site is, and Bet105 has performed well in this department. You will find that MLS is on par with the major leagues of England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France, as well as globally, offering game betting options in countries such as Mongolia, Qatar, Nicaragua, Jordan and Estonia.

Even in countries such as Norway and Sweden, you will find that Bet105 has high odds in the game.

Large-scale soccer matches will provide you with nearly 400 different betting markets. They include all kinds of Asian handicap, Asian total, correct score, total over/under 7.5 goals, exact team goal, half time/full time, win rate, etc.

The details of sports activities such as tennis and golf are very detailed, and in small tournaments, you will find dozens of betting options. Surprisingly, reports on sports such as table tennis are comprehensive. For example, you can place bets on various gameplay in the Armenian Cup.

In most of these sports, there are also many breakfast betting markets. You will not find betting options for entertainment or lotteries, but the political betting section is also very good. You can bet on major elections in the United States, including the winning party in each state. There are also state elections in Australia, the next leader of Ireland, and even the winner of the mayor election in Kiev, Ukraine.

Sports Betting Experience
Bet105's sports betting platform is very extensive. You can switch between sports betting, live betting section, casino, real-time casino, and competition book at the top of the page, and simple tools allow you to change the language and access upcoming events.

There is also a search function, the effect is very good, you can quickly find sports, teams, games, etc. The widgets on the left side of the homepage are sports items listed by popularity. They are updated throughout the year. Therefore, football will reach its peak this season, but will be lower than baseball and other sports during the offseason. If you click on a particular sport, it will show you the countries or championships covered.

Click any option and the game list will be displayed in the center of the page. If you click on a particular game, you will be provided with different betting options for you to use. The page is divided into games, the first half of the year, the first quarter, the second quarter, the third quarter, the fourth quarter, the rule time and the player's gameplay.
Click any selection and it will be added to the bet slip at the top right of the page. The bet slip is simple and effective, the odds appear, and allow you to enter the amount you want to risk, and then notify you of the amount you will win if you succeed.

All amounts are in U.S. dollars. You use BTC for deposits and withdrawals, but the bet is in USD. If you add multiple options to the bet slip, it will tell you the winning streak and breakfast options available.

One thing that really stands out on Bet105 is the large amount of statistics it provides when you click on a particular game. It will provide you with the latest results of each team, their positive records, their rankings, statistics on the average points scored and conceded in the entire game, as well as team information for each half, the highest scorer, and relevant Tweets of the game, etc. Whenever you click the game, these useful information will be displayed clearly.

You can also see the real-time graph, which allows you to understand all the real-time game conditions and various statistics in real time. The betting part of real-time matches is great, and the odds in many real-time betting markets are constantly updated. If the odds increase, the line change flashes in green, if the odds become lower, it flashes in red. The site is full of useful tools and widgets, navigation is also very simple, and pages load quickly, so the overall user experience is impressive.

Odds Quality
Bet105 is a reduced juice betting site, so you will benefit from -105 lines on spreads and totals. This is a significant discount and it really helps you make a profit over the course of the season. Its prop betting, moneyline and futures odds also stack up really well against the competition.

We compared the odds lines of Bet105 with other best sports betting sites and found that they often have market-leading premium odds lines. What impressed us is that the odds of Bet105 in NBA and football games are even higher than Pinnacle's odds, which is known for its meager profits. The overall odds of Bet105 sports betting are very good.

Mobile Experience
You can access the fully optimized Bet105 mobile website directly from your browser. As a new sports betting network, it will naturally put a lot of effort into creating a beautiful mobile website, and the results are impressive.

The page loads very fast, which makes mobile sports betting by some competitors feel unbalanced. Bet105 is really easy to navigate, allowing you to place bets with a few quick clicks. It provides a truly high-quality experience for mobile users and makes sports betting very simple.

Other Options
Some sports betting networks have launched a basic casino with several slots and one main table game. Bet105 has also put in a lot of effort in this link. They strive to provide visitors with a one-stop option to meet all their online betting needs.

Bet105 online casino has 126 different slots for you to choose from, from classic fruit machines and three-reel slot machines, to more innovative five-reel slot machines, brand slots such as gladiators and progressive jackpot slots. You can play the game for free and convert it to real money when you are ready.

You can play six different types of roulette: European, American, VIP European, VIP American, Amplified and Normal lottery. Blackjack fans can choose from the United States, Europe, single layer, 21 Burn, 21 Burn Jack, etc. In the main table section of the Bet105 casino, you will find three-sided poker, Caribbean poker, Oasis poker, Pai Gow and Red Dog, as well as craps, baccarat and three-card rummy.

There are specific parts of pyramid poker, multi-hand poker, video poker and keno. In video poker, you will find Split Way Royal, Deuces and Jokers, Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, 5 Draw, All American, Bonus, Deuces Wild, etc. There is also a main part for live broadcast of the casino, allowing you to contact live traders in the studio for exciting table games and other games, as well as the racebook.

As a new and innovative online betting site, Bet105 has also paid a great deal of attention to Esports. Major Esports like CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends are covered in great depth, and the list of props is really interesting. In a LoL match, you can bet on kill total, kill spread, most kills and so on in a particular map. Bet105 also offers plenty of lines for the likes of Overwatch, Rainbow Six and Warcraft III, along with sports games like FIFA. You can even go for draw no bet, double chance and totals on FIFA Esports betting, which is great to see. It leaves Bet105 with a really well-rounded betting platform.

Bet105 is a new online sports betting and casino, and we have not received any complaints about it. It is a sister site of Heritage and one of our highly rated sites. Heritage is known for exciting privileges, innovative promotions and huge odds. It is also known for treating players fairly and paying on time.

Bet105 is an exciting new bitcoin sports betting site that provides North American players with a very high-quality betting route, an excellent user experience and a huge live betting section. Bet105 is launched by the company behind the acclaimed Heritage betting website, so you can rest assured that it is a safe, trustworthy and reliable online sports betting.

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