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168 Sports Founded in 2008, we are strategically positioned as a betting platform trusted by our users; with the vision of providing everyone, including customers, shareholders, employees and even business partners, with the opportunity to create and realize their beautiful dreams.

168 Sports now extends to sports funds, sports rights, technology research and development, information security big data, cloud security payment system and other industries, world-class event broadcasting (Olympic Games, European Cup, World Cup), event operations, team sponsorship and integrated marketing of the brand.

168 Sports software provides users with the most cutting-edge and fresh live sports events at home and abroad, is the most credible entertainment brand.

168 Sports software to build a top international entertainment brand, adhering to the integrity of this, the network investment reputation first concept, trustworthy! Aiyumo Sports is the highest odds in the industry, covering events around the world, handicap, size, semi-full game, bocce single and double, total goal, serial pass and other multiple bets. There is also live animation and video streaming, so you can easily experience chatting about ball betting and enjoy it.

168 Sports values each and every user and is committed to providing the best betting experience, with a high speed and secure betting platform, competitive odds, instant bonus confirmation, fast returns and a 24/7 online betting experience that is always popular with users.

168 Sports provides secure and convenient payment methods so that users can entertain and transact in a safe and secure environment.

Whether you are an amateur player, a professional player or an international bookmaker, 168 Sports offers a range of products and services to meet all of your betting needs.

168 Sports values every customer and brings a good betting experience to every customer. 168 Sports is a high speed, secure betting platform with super high odds and rebates, fast and secure withdrawals and deposits, and provides customers with 24-hour, one-on-one service.

168 Sports offers a monthly average of 30,000 live rollover bets, a sportsbook offering over 200 ways to play, and seamless rollover event betting with zero time difference.

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