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Leyu Sports.Founded in 2008, Leyu Sports is strategically positioned as a betting platform that is trusted by users; it is its vision to provide everyone including our customers, shareholders, employees and business partners with opportunities to create and realize their beautiful dreams. It has now extended to sports funds, sports copyrights, technology research and development, information security big data, cloud security payment systems and other industries, world-class event broadcasting (Olympics, European Cup, World Cup), event operations, team sponsorship (Dortmund, Ligue 1) , Naples, etc.) and integrated marketing brands.

Leyu Sports

Leyu Sports (Register and get 68CNY free chip) software provides users with the most cutting-edge and freshest live broadcast of domestic and foreign sports events. It is the most credible entertainment brand. Leyu Sports Software builds a top international entertainment brand, adhering to honesty, and the reputation of online investment. The concept of one is trustworthy! Leyu Sports has the highest odds in the industry, covering events from all over the world, with multiple guesses such as handicap, size, half-time, correct odds, total goals, and series of passes. There are also animated live broadcasts and video live broadcasts, allowing you to easily experience chat betting and enjoy it.

Leyu Sports values every user and is committed to providing users with the best gaming experience. With its high-speed and safe gaming platform, highly competitive odds, instant bonus confirmation, quick rewards, and 24-hour online gaming experience, it has been deeply loved by users. Provide a safe and convenient payment method, so that users can entertain and trade in a safe and secure environment. Whether it is an amateur player, a professional player or an international gaming company, Leyu Sports can provide a series of products and services to meet all the gaming needs of users.

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In 2019, it accepted Tencent's invitation to co-host the World Artificial Intelligence Go Competition. In recent years, due to the rapid development of AI technology, chess and card games, including Texas Hold'em, Mahjong, Doudizhu, etc. have gradually become the main front of AI technology exploration and research. Leyu Sports firmly believes that the power of technology can change the world and promote changes and leaps in the service system of all walks of life. The alliance with Tencent this time is undoubtedly that AI technology will be fully applied to the corresponding game industry such as chess and cards, injecting new vitality into the development of the gaming industry.

In response to the needs of the majority of fans, Leyu Sports strategically signed the Italian football superstar Philip Inzaghi as the brand spokesperson, and at the same time matched Leyu Sports's six-level meaning of the Yueji spirit [innovation, perseverance, love, inheritance, challenge, and transcendence]. Leyu Sports has been deeply involved in charitable undertakings for many years, accumulating hundreds of millions of donations, and won the title of Top Ten Charity Enterprise of the Year; Leyu Sports provides an average of 30,000 live betting per month, and sports betting provides more than 200 ways to play, as well as zero time difference. Betting on in-track events is stitched together.

"Born to Be Different, Pursue Your Dreams", the DNA essence of Leyu sports people will definitely join hands with fans to chase dreams and discover more beautiful...

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