The lottery rules changed because of him, because a middle school math formula won 14 lottery first prizes

Whether it is a billionaire businessman or an urban white-collar with small achievements, which one has not overcome all kinds of difficulties, and has gone through wind and rain. It depends on his own hands. ? However, there are such people who rely on their own cleverness and seize opportunities to make their own success easier than many others.

"Smart people" in the world, obsessed with mathematics

Time went backwards and history turned back. It was still in the 1960s. One day, the world-recognized smart Jewish family welcomed a new member. His name is Mandel, who is the easiest to learn in the world. One of the smartest Jews, Mandel has been smart and outstanding since he was a child, especially talented in mathematics, so mathematics has a great interest in Mandel's life.

Due to the family relationship, Mandel could not devote all his energy and effort to mathematics research. He also needed to run for life and earn money to support his family, so in the end he did not receive much education.

Mathematics research is not the object of life research, but Mandel not only uses his time outside of work to study mathematics, but also analyzes the papers of the famous mathematician Fibonacci. Del changed his life after that. Only when he was off on weekends, he could meet on his favorite mathematics and manuscript paper, so he was ridiculed as a mathematician on the weekend.

Complete the big life with interest

It is worth mentioning that Mandel is an accountant, but his meager monthly salary is not enough to support his and his family's living expenses, so Mandel must find other ways to make money in order to make a living. By chance, Mandel watched the lottery on TV. After investigating a lot of videos, after knowing the lottery agreement, Mandel thought of a way to change his life in poverty.

He wants to buy a lottery ticket. I know how difficult it is to win the first prize. There are seven lottery numbers. Choose 6 from 33 red balls and 1 from 16 red balls to make a set of exchange codes and win the prize. The number is combined to 17720000, and the number for the first prize is one of 17720000, which is more difficult than reaching the sky.

"There is nothing difficult in the world." Even if he knows that it is difficult to win the first prize, Mandel has to choose to live a better life for his family. The opportunity is left to those who are ready." Mandel's election rate is higher than that of ordinary people. The probability of being elected can also be increased to more than ten thousand times. He has been keen on mathematics since he was a child, so he is also studying mathematics.

After a long period of academic research in many Fibonacci papers, Mandel’s election summed up a series of "combined condensation" methods, and used this method to write the "number selection method". This algorithm can calculate 6 lottery tickets. Of the 5 winning numbers, only two unknowns remain, ranging from one in the millions to one in the thousands.

In this way, Mandel convened his good friends to start research. "After several efforts, Mandel won the first prize of the first lottery in his life and won a prize of $19,300, becoming a real life winner.

The number is questionable.

When Mandel won the award, he naturally received attention. There are many people who are curious about his winning method. When Mandel was interviewed and asked him about the winning method, he smiled and said, "Coca-Cola does not disclose his recipes. ".

Of course, many people said to his works: "I think Mandel is an award. For luck, I can guess the number of his five heads. This method is very popular. I want to get attention and publicity. I To use his method to win the grand prize is simply dreaming.

However, Mandel ignored these rumors and studied the method of winning. After that, Mandel and his friends won the lottery first prize one after another, and the number of arrivals at the destination increased by 14 times. Not only did he gain huge wealth, but The dreamer also kept silent. Mandel also won several awards and became a rich man. Not only did he live with his family, but his family moved to Australia and started a new life.

Because he won the first prize in the lottery consecutively, it has aroused suspicion from relevant departments. The supervision and management department suspected that Mandel was successively elected by illegal means. For this reason, more than a dozen supervision and management departments and relevant prosecution departments have also conducted special investigations on Mandel The investigation, as everyone knows, of course there was no problem in the end. Mandel did fill in the number himself. In order to prevent this from happening, he had to amend the lottery management regulations of more than ten countries such as the United States and Australia.

However, even if the rules of the lottery were revised, Mandel was already a million-dollar rich at that time, so this has no effect on the lives of him and his family. It can be seen from Mandel’s story that he has won so many times , Becoming a rich man is not a so-called lucky place at all, but has something to do with his childhood interests.

Good interest has not only improved our abilities in all aspects, cultivated our sentiment, and sometimes can help our strength, become our foothold for success, and bring us wealth. Of course, "frozen three feet is not a day’s cold." "More importantly, if you want to succeed, in order to realize your dream, you must step by step.

It is not because it is convenient to do everything, but to achieve goals and approach dreams by luck. There are not so many shortcuts in the world. The road is my own. Therefore, I still need to work hard and work hard.

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