The grandmother of Stanley Ho, the gambling king, married a Jew. The eldest son is the richest Chinese. What about other children?

Stanley Ho, "Macau Gambling King", "Rich", almost no one knows, no one knows; his grandmother Shidi, but few people know; but it is undeniable that Stanley Ho's grandma Shidi is indeed A strange woman, her life is very legendary; she was born in the feudal era, but she did not hesitate for love and did not ask for status; she, even if abandoned, still lives strong; she is worthy of our admiration!

In China in the 19th century, the opening of the country led to the introduction of Western culture into China. The initial integration of Chinese and Western culture greatly affected the concept of Chinese people. Among them, the concept of love is particularly obvious. Women began to have their own opinions on their marriage; but even In this way, it is still very difficult to realize the freedom of marriage, not to mention a transnational relationship, which is even more difficult.

"Hold your hand, grow old with your son" This may be the most beautiful look of love! However, over time, are the people around you still the people who promised to be long-term? Shi Di, loved vigorously when she was young, never caring about worldly vision and prejudice; but in middle age, even if she had 4 children and 1 daughter, she still couldn't escape the fate of being abandoned.

Shi Di was born in a poor family. In order to reduce the burden on the family, she came to work not far from home at a young age. Later, through a friend's introduction, she came to work in a foreign company. It was here that she met His first love He Shiwen.

He Shiwen, a Jew from the Netherlands, like other Jews, He Shiwen is also very business-minded. However, if he is a newcomer, if he wants to become a successful businessman, he must find a local person to serve as his translator and help him. Dealing with affairs related to China; by chance, he met the young and beautiful Shi Di. After a long period of contact, He Shiwen found that Shi Di was very shrewd and capable, and then invited her to serve as his accompanying translator and appointed her as his local representative. Subsequently, He Shiwen earned his first pot of gold. Once ridiculed: "Shi Di is really a blessed baby!"

Love, whether it is love at first sight or long-term love, always appears inadvertently; the encounter between He Shiwen and Shi Di may be just an accident. I thought that each other was just a passer-by in their respective lives, but never thought that they quickly fell in love. , They are even discussing marriage matters; just, will their marriage be recognized by everyone?

The times gave birth to thoughts and influenced thoughts; Shi Di’s parents accepted feudal preaching and thoughts since they were young, so how could they tolerate and approve this transnational love affair? What's more, because of the constraints of the social environment at that time, their marriage was not protected by law. How could their parents agree to their marriage based on He Shiwen's promise alone? However, "All women in love are fools." Shi Di is the best practitioner of this sentence. She abandoned her parents and stayed away from home. She lived with He Shiwen anonymously and without distinction, and later raised 4 children for him. 1 female.

Shi Di, as a woman in the context of feudalism, she loves vigorously. She would rather abandon everything for the sake of love. This really makes us very admired; but, can their love stand up to the secular prejudices for a long time? Can you choose the other party without hesitation after the freshness period?

Just when Shi Di thought that she and He Shiwen would be long, hand in hand to grow old, and their family would be happy forever, fate made a huge joke with her, and she was ruthlessly abandoned by He Shiwen.

With the increasing number of gold prospectors and the increasingly fierce business competitiveness, He Shiwen’s business also encountered Waterloo; he couldn’t bear to look directly at himself as the business failed, so he sprouted to leave here and go to Europe. idea.

In 1973, He Shiwen left some money for Shi Di and promised her: "I will come back", and then went to Europe alone. However, after twenty years of getting along, Shi Di clearly knew that he would never return to China. He abandoned Shi Di and his 5 children, and forever abandoned the home that was once full of laughter and laughter.

Someone once said: "As long as you choose the path yourself, you have to finish it no matter what method you use." Even in a situation of extreme grief and anger, Shi Di was not overthrown by reality, but walked out of grief in the first place. , Determined to do everything he could to raise his children.

Although He Shiwen left some money for them when he left, the money was far from enough to raise five children and make a living. In desperation, Shi Di was introduced by a friend to find a job as a dancer, although it was not decent. But it is enough to maintain the cost of raising children. In this way, she took care of the children while working, supporting the children to study, and the children did not live up to their mother's expectations. All of them had excellent grades and had unlimited prospects.

When Shi Di was 28 years old, she married Guo Xingxian, a Chinese businessman, as her fourth concubine. She took her 5 children into the Guo family, but she did not enjoy the happiness. She had to endure the difficulties and ridicule of other wives and concubines every day, but the only thing to be thankful for However, the living standards of Shi Di and the five children have improved significantly.

Shi Di's eldest son He Dong inherited his father's business acumen and became the richest Chinese man at a young age. With the help of his eldest son He Dong, the life of Shi Di's family is getting better and better. After they got rich, they also wanted to go to He Shiwen, but He Shiwen was remarried at that time. He married a British woman and successfully became a British citizen. After hearing the news, they broke off looking for a husband and looked for Father's thoughts.

After that, Shi Di's third son, He Qifu, also became a famous Chinese businessman, and the gambling king Ho Hongshen was his grandson. Shidi's old age was very comfortable and happy. The children were filial and often accompanied by the side, talked to the heart, chattering home, and very harmonious and happy.

An old man expects nothing more than his sons and daughters are outstanding and promising, and what he most hopes is that his sons and daughters can be with him often. Obviously, Shi Di is an extremely lucky old man.

Shi Di, for the sake of love, has no hesitation; she was abandoned and lived a strong life; she raised her children and enjoyed her old age; she is an "exotic woman", a "arrogant" woman, and a woman that everyone admires; she, It is worth remembering and learning!

Shi Di’s life was bumpy, but no matter how tragic the situation she was in, she was always able to break the predicament and make herself stronger; some people said: “Failure is the beginning of another hope.” Maybe it is, if Without He Shiwen's abandonment, she might still be just a little woman behind her husband, and the He family would not grow, nor would she be so happy in her old age. Fortune and misfortune depend on each other, and who can know whether this is a blessing or a curse? However, it is undeniable that Shi Di is indeed a rare "strange woman."

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