8 celebrities who are addicted to gambling

Some people get rich overnight due to gambling, and some lose their wealth due to gambling. Today we are going to talk about several well-known celebrities in the entertainment industry, some of whom even went bankrupt due to gambling.

1. Patrick Tse

Patrick Tse, as a once-famous Hong Kong star, could have lived quite well, but he was heavily in debt because of his gambling addiction. It is said that Patrick Tse was particularly obsessed, and he often gambled while playing pool. Many film companies even plot masters to "challenge" Patrick Tse, but Patrick Tse often loses, so he has to rely on filming to repay his gambling debts. Later, the gambling debts were high because of the bigger gambling, and even asked his son Nicholas Tse to sign a "life and death contract" with Emperor Entertainment to repay his gambling debts at a young age.

2. Ng Man-tat

Speaking of Ng Man-tat, I believe no one knows. He used to be classmates of the wireless artist training class with international big-name celebrities such as Chow Yun-fat, and his grades have been among the top five in the class. It is a pity that because he became famous too early, he couldn't control himself, squandered all day long, and indulged in gambling. He even had to rely on friends to help him live. Fortunately, he was heartbroken and he changed his mind and devoted himself to acting. In the end, his partner Stephen Chow played a supporting role and made a comeback.

3. Jordan Chan

Jordan Chan became popular for playing the role of pheasant in Young and Dangerous. Now he is also a good man, good husband, and good father. But few people know that he has a period of wandering about casinos. Many years ago, he and Jet Li gambling at sky-high prices suffered heavy losses. But instead of closing his hand, he bet more and more. In the end, I almost lost all my savings before waking up

4. Ho Ka-kui

Ho Ka-kui, who has played the role of the evil man in Hong Kong movies many times, has the title of "Hong Kong's four evil men". According to reports, He Jiaju used to be the boss of a newspaper company before entering the industry, but later lost 20 million Hong Kong dollars in three days due to his gambling addiction, which caused the company to close down and was forced to play bad actors for a living. Later, after his death due to illness, when his friend sorted out his belongings, he found that there were only a few hundred Hong Kong dollars left in his account, which was really embarrassing.

5. Wang Feng

Wang Feng's gamble is no longer a secret. His favorite is Texas Hold'em, and he is often seen in the Texas Hold'em game halls of major casinos. He also participated in the Million High Roller Poker Challenge held in Macau in 2013. It is reported that Wang Feng and his current wife Zhang Ziyi are also related to the casino.

6. Chu Ke-liang

Chu Ke-liang was formerly known as Xie Xinda. Before he became famous, he was a handyman at the Sapphire Cabaret in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. After an accidental opportunity and exposure to entertainment activities, he became a hit and became a popular generation of laughter. However, Chu Ke-liang once retired from the entertainment circle due to a huge debt of 200 million yuan in gambling.

7. Jay Chou

It is hard to imagine that Jay Chou is also a person with gambling history. According to insiders broke the news to the media, Jay Chou once tried his luck at a nearby casino while holding a concert in Singapore, but he accidentally lost nearly 10 million in two days. But Jay Chou didn't even frown his brows, which shows that he is already a frequent visitor in the VIP room.

8. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry all over the world, and has even been awarded an Oscar for lifetime achievement. Who would have thought that Jackie Chan had a moment of deep gambling in his early years? It is reported that Jackie Chan in his early years was a very good gambler, and once even almost lost all his fortune because of the gamble. Fortunately, he woke up in time and reined in the precipice to achieve his achievements.

In fact, celebrities are just like ordinary people, they have a little gamble. It's just that they are rich in net worth, so they are naturally very "outrageous" to gamble and regardless of the consequences. As the saying goes: a small bet is happy, but a big bet hurts the body. I hope everyone adjust their mentality in gambling and win money easily.

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