Soccer betting, hemisphere handicap, show you how to play

The half-goal handicap, commonly known as the life and death handicap, is either life or death, and the difference between home and away is slightly larger compared to the flat half, and similarly compared to the half-one or one-goal handicap is slightly smaller.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have the best possible chance of winning the game.

1, the home team / away team to let the hemisphere low water, usually so is the banker is more optimistic about the home team, usually the chances of the next small.

2, the home team / away team let half a high water, usually so is the banker's confidence in the home team is not enough, usually the chances of the upper handicap is small.

Case: Wakefield vs Preston

The banker uniformly opened the main handicap of half a point, the initial water level is about 1, the clinical 1.05 or so, and finally played at 1:1 under.

3, the difference between the water level of the home team and the away team is not large, usually such a handicap gives the impression that there is little difference between the upper and lower handicap chances, usually betting on the upper handicap more.

Case: Doncaster vs Milton

The banker opened half a ball, the water level of home and away is basically the same, and finally 2:1 on the board to play.

4, the home team low water opening, late has been maintained at a lower water level, usually this kind of top bet more, but this water level under the easy out; on the contrary, high water to maintain high water, usually should go home team;.

The half handicap: this handicap is most likely the banker has enough certainty about the event, as we all know, the half handicap loses half, if it is half handicap, then a draw will also lose, must be the upper handicap goals to win, such a handicap should say that the banker is very sure about the upper handicap to play.

Case: Dijon vs Toulouse

Initial handicap: (-0.5), after the betting rose to (-0.5), the result: 3:1, the last handicap was played.

Plus a special case of handicapping!

Do you often feel that in addition to the Macau handicap other handicaps are one handicap higher than the Macau handicap, and the Macau handicap remains the same, always maintaining low water?
This kind of handicap is most likely to entice!

There is also a situation that all other lowered the handicap, but only the Macau handicap does not drop, and has been high water?

This kind of handicap is mostly blocked! In contrast, after a bookmaker opens a handicap on a game, in the later betting process, if the side that is not favored by the player, in the process of rising water level, in order to avoid the phenomenon of one-sided, the bookmaker will make a reduction of the handicap to achieve the balance of both sides of the betting.

Of course there are many variations of the handicap, and the corresponding game should be a comprehensive analysis of the team of the game, the recent situation and other comprehensive factors, handicap analysis is also impossible to stabilize, because the banker is never likely to lose! In the process of soccer betting must find a set of teams they are familiar with, analysis methods can help us lose less and win more.

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