Soccer betting basics are the key to winning and losing!

For sports betting enthusiasts, familiarity with handicapping knowledge is inevitable. But often the more basic knowledge is the key to winning or losing! Now let's review it!

I. Tie-breaker.

  The banker gives the tiebreaker is generally the team that is closer to the strength of the two sides of the state, which makes it more difficult for bettors to choose, but according to statistics most of the tiebreaker will be divided into winners and losers, and the underdog can account for 75%, so it is recommended that the tiebreaker look more at the underdog, unless there is a definite sure choice, in addition to the tiebreaker you can also look at the European odds, most of the tiebreaker is a combination of 2.3.2. In this way, in the case of most of the draws will be divided into winners and losers, you may want to remove the draws to choose the two ends, in the case of even bets will be rewarded.

Second, the half-discount.

  The banker gives a flat half plate, usually one side of the state strength is slightly better than the other side or have the advantage of home field, so there are many bettors will choose the upper plate, however, according to statistics, the flat half plate will mostly be a draw end, the lower plate has a great hope of holding cold, so it is recommended that the flat half plate pay more attention to kick the flat.

Third, the hemispheric handicap.

  The half ball handicap is one of the most difficult choices in the life and death handicap. In the statistics, the upper and lower handicaps are each 50%, but the probability of the upper handicap running out from the flat half to the hemisphere (excluding the 1 hour rise in the proscenium) is still very high, so please pay attention when dealing with the hemisphere handicap! In addition, the hemispheric handicap of the over is out more.

Fourth, half a handicap.

  Half a plate is a better analysis of the plate, according to statistics, the chances of the upper plate is relatively large, but it is easy to change the plate to confuse people, in the half a plate corresponding to the range of European odds, there are some are unstable, so when the half a plate, please correspond to the European odds comparison, half a rise of one goal (excluding the clinical 1 hour rise) on the upper plate 55% go away 30% lower plate 15%.

V. One goal handicap.

  Many people think that the chances of a one-goal handicap out of the over are great, a one-goal handicap away from 50%, but the clinical field for a one-goal handicap is rare, most of them change the handicap, so please grasp it yourself.

Sixth, one and a half goals handicap.

  This handicap is the main handicap of reporting cold, most out of the lower handicap accounts for about 70%, belonging to the key handicap of winning and losing, especially from a ball plate to a ball and a half plate, such a plate may as well be voted Euro.

Seven, half ball handicap.

  The opposite of the one and a half handicap is that the upper handicap is easier to come out, the banker gives such a handicap is basically a reflection of the strength of the two teams, and rarely change the handicap in the field, more stable.

Eight, half a ball and two goals handicap.

  The top and bottom of the board are 50% each, with more under than over.

IX. Regarding the change of handicap.

The change of the handicap is a way for the banker to confuse the investors and use it to dispel the confidence of the bettors, especially the change of handicap in the critical field we should pay more attention to!

Note* The above handicaps are all preliminary handicaps.

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