Talking about winning and losing bets

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the betting process, how do you feel about it? Is a win a win?

What is the first technique that someone who wants to become a "casino investor" should pay attention to? The answer is the "gaming cycle".

What do you mean by "gaming cycle"? It's very simple to say, it's the cyclical changes that occur during the gambling process after you enter the casino, the rate at which your luck changes in the casino.

Anyone who enters the casino will feel that there seems to be another master in the underworld. Sometimes, the luck is extremely good, betting on anything to win, and some times it seems that you should obviously win the lottery, but only lose a little.

People who really want to win money in the casino can not rely on luck alone, luck can only bring you momentary benefits, but can not guarantee that you win money, on the contrary, if you just rely on luck, the final result is often a failure.

One may ask, if that is the case, why do we need to study this "betting cycle"? This is the most paradoxical part of it.

We don't rely on luck, yet we have to understand how our luck is when deciding on a gambling strategy.

Under the subdivision of human luck, there are only five patterns in total: one, good luck, two, bad luck, three, long luck, four, short luck, and five, fluctuating, good and bad luck.

This kind of luck is also found in your opponent, that is, the casino where the gambling is taking place, and furthermore, at each specific table, during your participation in the gambling process, there will also be such a "gambling cycle".

The way to deal with the different "betting cycles" is very simple: when the luck goes that way, you go with the trend and practice following the red and white.

In this, the most difficult to deal with is the "wavering luck", to "baccarat" for example, when the opening "cards" all irregular, is this kind of betting cycle appears. The first one is to hold your hand for a while, and the other one is to follow the regular swing.

A lot of experts will provide some statistics, that is, the data calculated from various betting contingencies, these data if as a reference, not bad, for example, to know "baccarat" open "banker", open " The chance of the "idle" is equal, etc. The actual numbers are definitely not suitable as a basis for the actual game. This is because, in the "real world", there is also the "betting cycle" that we mentioned.

For example, if a gambling table is opened four times in a row, statistically speaking, the chance of opening another "banker" is less than one in five, but, in fact, we often see the situation at the gambling table is opened again and again, and sometimes there are even more than ten times a long banker The actual fact is that we often see the situation at the gambling table is to open again and again, sometimes even more than ten times long bank.

So, after opening the "bank" four times, how to bet, and how many chips to use, it will be up to you to make a decision, and the basis of your decision, it involves the "betting cycle" an important factor.

Some people will say, "Isn't your statement like this the same as betting on intuition and luck? On the surface it seems to be, but in reality it is not.

Betting on intuition or luck relies on the decision in your head at the moment you place your bet. The "gambling cycle", on the other hand, is the accumulation of your experience.

The so-called "gambling cycle", in fact, you have to spend a lot of time and energy to study and statistics, you have to continue to accumulate experience in the casino, see more, naturally will find the different "gambling cycle" patterns that appear on the table, in the matter to the field, your The actual fact is that you'll be able to find out the exact patterns that have appeared in your mind, and at the same time, make a correct decision for you right away.

In other words, while intuition or luck relies on a moment of inspiration, the "betting cycle" relies on long-term accumulated data to make analytical decisions.

To master the "gaming cycle", you need to work hard. Keep in mind that to be a real "casino investor", you have to do more than simply observe, count, practice and study in the casino, gain experience and not just rely on luck.

If you do not have such determination and stamina, then you do not deserve and cannot be a "casino investor".

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