Gambling is harmful, discuss gambling with you

The gambling mentioned below refers to the random type of games such as baccarat and sieve cup, not games with certain competitive skills such as blackjack, Texas Hold'em, or landlord.

A. Can you win gambling

First of all, to figure out what gambling is doing, the essence of gambling is actually playing probability, since it is probability, the probability of winning or losing can be calculated, and according to the characteristics of probability, the more times, the more stable the probability, according to this common sense, I came up with, as long as you can find the win rate (the probability of winning, the same below) greater than 50% of the game, and then repeated in the same way, when a certain number of times later The most important thing is that you will be able to win, of course, how much you win is based on the win rate, the principal, and the number of times to decide. The most fair baccarat for example, on the surface of the baccarat every win or loss probability is 50%, and according to scientific calculations, baccarat in the banker's win than the idle a few percentage points higher, that is, if the same bet constantly press the banker, that after a certain number of times, press the banker is sure to win (do not consider the casino commission), the invention of baccarat people designed this slightly complex game rules, in addition to The person who invented baccarat designed this slightly complicated game rules, in addition to increasing the fun of the game, I personally think the bigger reason is to increase the win rate of the banker, and the casino rules also reflect this, the casino rules provide that the return after the pressure of the banker pressure will be deducted from the commission part, that is, this little commission to ensure that the casino win is always higher than the player, to protect the casino revenue.

Second, why gambling will lose

In terms of probability, the casino in baccarat although there is a win rate, but the win rate is not high, and the actual situation is to play baccarat gamblers lose more than win less, adhere to the end of all are lost, many people bite the casino cheating, from the casino side, although in baccarat only a slight advantage, and even the emergence of commission-free baccarat, but baccarat still occupies the main position in the casino table, and is The casino is one of the main sources of income, these phenomena are not representative of the casino is really cheating?

I don't know if the casino has cheating, I just know that the casino has no need to cheat, because most gamblers are playing with a sure loss.

On the one hand, most gamblers do not recognize the essence of gambling, gambling as a way to change their lives, especially superstitious Asians, fully believe or rely on the luck component, and take some of the self-proclaimed brilliant play, artificially reduce the win rate; on the other hand, boring, repetitive gambling, so that the pursuit of excitement of gamblers gradually not satisfied with small amounts of win or lose, and slowly raise the stakes, it is these It is these factors that make gamblers fall into a deadlock.

Methods commonly used by gamblers.

1、Look at the road

Believe that the results of gambling will follow a specific pattern and form the so-called road, and try to practice their skills of reading the road, and then follow the road to make bets, watching gamblers fussing over the road and bets while gambling is a very funny thing.

2、Confidence betting method

Placing small bets for those without confidence and large bets for those with confidence artificially lowers the win rate.

3、Multiple investment method

This method is theoretically a sure win as long as you have enough capital, but the casinos have cracked this, the casinos limit the minimum and maximum bets per table, and the maximum bet must be about 100 times the minimum bet, so if you lose 7 or 8 hands in a row, you will reach the maximum bet, and you can't win back your capital. The maximum bet will be 100 times the minimum bet, so if you lose 7 or 8 times in a row, you will reach the maximum bet and you will not be able to win back your capital.

Summarize the reasons.

1. Irregular betting reduces the original 50% win rate.

2, unreasonable planning costs, resulting in failure to reach a certain number of times.

3, unreasonable planning costs, premature loss of principal, resulting in the cost of bets can not be recovered.

So, for those who go to casinos or take other ways to gamble, stop gambling blindly, you can find out the rules and plan your costs wisely if you can, gambling is actually a boring, repetitive physical job.

In addition, some of the records in the gambling cessation center documents I have basically read, the basic are IQ problems, only to lose, the so-called quit gambling is only because there is no money to gamble, I hope we can all be a little self-aware.

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