A senior gambler sums up gambling strategies

Whether in Las Vegas, or online platforms, it is a game of random probability, and playing gambling you certainly do not have an advantage in probability. But you can still make a solid profit in gambling through strategy, which is strategy.

Take the casino's opening size as an example: the probability of opening a large is 48.611%. the probability of opening a small is 48.611%. the probability of opening a round color is 2.777%.

So, how do you win when the probabilities are unfavorable? The way is to use combination probabilities.

Let's start with a brief explanation of the principle.

Assuming no consideration of color perimeters and tax draws. The size is the probability of opening a single 50% each. So what is the probability of opening 2 large (or small) in a row? 25%. What is the probability of opening 3 large (or small) in a row? 12.5%. ...... What is the probability of opening 10 large (or small) in a row? 0.009766%, less than one in a thousand!

This is the basis for your winnings!

But remember, the calculation of continuity is based on the future, not on history!

For example, you can't calculate the probability of opening the next hand based on the size that has already been opened. No matter how many "bigs" have been opened, the probability of the next "big" is still 50%.

So how do you use this continuous probability to gamble?

The strategy is: double your bet!

Adding 1x won't work, because according to the probability, you still lose that way. You have to double it!

Suppose your first bet is 1, the second is 3, the third is 9, and the fourth is 27. ...... How do you bet?

Identify one direction and bet on that one direction only. -- Since it's a random probability, it's the same whether you bet big or small. What matters is that by betting on only one direction unchanged, you're betting on a very small probability of a future streak in the other direction. --This way you are guaranteed to win as long as you have the ability to place consecutive bets.

That's only half of the strategy. The other half is: when you win a bet, the next time you bet you still start with 1. Whenever you win you just bet 1, and when you lose you add 2x.

The strategy flow is shown in the diagram: that is, to have the ability to bet 10 hands in a row you need to have 20,000 chips, and your probability of losing is 0.1284%, and the number of units you win is 7,873.

If you want to guarantee a 1 in 100,000 chance of losing, you'd have to have the ability to bet 17 times in a row, which means 43 million betting units. And the number of units you win is 17.21 million units.

Assuming a unit is $1, you'd have to have $43 million (or $60,000 if you count 10 consecutive bets), which is an astronomical amount!

With a shortage of capital, you'll just have to take a bigger risk.

On the basis that each betting unit is $100, you bet 10 times in a row.

If you are right every time, then you use very little capital to win $900.

If you lose 9 times in a row and make a profit on the last one, you need to have a capital of $2 million and you can win $787,300.

If it is always 1 right and 1 wrong, you will need $400 in principal and you will win $1080 or $1250.

In other words, unless there are 10 consecutive big openings, you only need 2 million dollars and you are guaranteed to win at least $900 and at most $780,000, while in a randomly evenly distributed situation you can win $1,000-1,200. And the probability of you losing all your $2 million in capital is less than 1.3 per thousand.

In my own direct and indirect experience, there have been cases where there have been 12 or 13 over or under in a row, which is not a situation that can be explained by random probability and indicates that there is actually manipulation in the casino. So your risk is not as small as the probability calculation would suggest.

Why do casinos often use the continuous over or under manipulation? This also has to be analyzed from the psychological factors. People, who are not used to random thinking, are always used to looking for patterns. Like buying a lottery ticket, it is obviously a random probability thing, but there are still a lot of people who believe in the "law" and do all kinds of analysis. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The gamblers immediately flocked to the table, as the continuity continued, the popularity rose sharply, until this continuity was broken, and the crowd scattered like an ebb tide. --This is human psychology! The casino has mastered this psychology of human nature, so it often uses continuous opening large or small to attract popularity and create hot spots.

I used this strategy this afternoon to win 50,000 points. My capital is only 240,000, I started with 1,000 points per bet, and the biggest bet I made was 100,000, so I won the 100,000 bet, otherwise O wouldn't have been able to hold on, which means O lost 4 times in a row.

So, when you have very little capital, my advice is that you can only take it as a play mentality and set a maximum loss. You must keep a good mindset and slowly build up your capital without being impatient. Only when you have the ability to bet more than 10 times in a row can you really follow this strategy to become a professional gambler.

And you'd better choose the "volume" of the table to participate in, do not let the dealer notice you, otherwise, the strength of the gambling money can not deal with the casino manipulation to make you lose your fortune in the end.

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