Football Fortune-European Compensation and Asian Football Lottery Research

This book is a collection of football research methods created by author Liu Shenglin, who summarizes his own and his friends' many years of valuable practical experience - applying the principles of financial analysis and mathematical models to football, through in-depth research on European odds, Asian handicaps, over/under, and league handicaps, completely revealing the bookmakers' manipulation techniques, making it an essential investment tool for technical players. It has become an essential investment tool for technical players.

The author has written this book not only to tell the readers some stereotypes of bile material, but also to share with them the real effective research methods and thinking system, just as the author agrees that "it is better to teach fish than to teach fish".

European odds section.This book starts with European odds and breaks them down into two main modes: dynamic and static analysis, so that the reader can develop a mindset for analyzing odds throughout the entire process after understanding what they are.

Asian handicap section.This book focuses on the analysis of Eurasian differences as the core of Asian handicap research, and is supplemented by a large number of actual cases of various types of matches from the 2008 season to the present, to explain the theory of the method, and strive to achieve the combination of theory and practice.

Over/under study section.Summarizing the actual betting experience, with the help of odds and handicap analysis concepts, for the first time a unique set of over/under (goals) analysis mode was formed, and a large number of over/under actual handicaps were summarized, with in-depth analysis of the application of methodological tools and actual cases, which so far is the first of its kind in the field of domestic football research.

League handicap section.All the typical handicaps of the five major leagues and the English Champions League that have been incorporated into the football track for the 2008-2010 season have been classified into types, and feature analysis, betting tips, team evaluation, and betting strategies have been made for the probability of occurrence under various specific handicaps and water levels, enabling readers to become familiar with the bookmakers' handicapping techniques for different events through regular summaries.

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