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Baccarat is a world-renowned card game. In traditional baccarat, the banker takes a commission of 5%, which means that when the banker wins, you lose a portion of your bet. More and more players are opting for live "commission-free baccarat", also known as "water-free baccarat". It's great that the commission is no longer taken from the banker's win! When the Banker has 6 points and the Banker wins, you will only win half of your bet.

Benefits of commission-free baccarat
Closer to normal win rateCommission-free baccarat is the only version of baccarat that comes close to a normal win rate with negative returns. For example, the chances of a Banker win at 6 are only about 0.05%, and it takes about 15 to 20 games before there is a Banker win at 6. This means that avoiding paying 5% in commissions is an amazing saving for players who bet large amounts.
fair game: The rules of commission-free baccarat are closer to fair play and are no longer crippled by commissions. Players can focus more on the game itself without having to worry about additional fees.

CEE Live "Commission-Free Baccarat" Playing Rules
ZO SportsWith CEE Live "Commission-Free Baccarat", you'll experience the charm of traditional baccarat, but without the commission. The rules of the game are simple and straightforward:

Counting of pointsBaccarat's point counting rules remain the same: Ace through 9 remain at their face value, while 10, J, Q and K are counted as 0 points. The player whose point total is closest to 9 wins.
Bet: Players can choose to bet between Banker, Player or Tie. You can also try betting on a variety of betting options such as Banker Pair, Player Pair or Any Pair.
When the banker's point is 6: This is the only rule change. When the banker has 6 points and the banker wins, you will only win back half of your bet.

Strategies and tips for live "commission-free baccarat" in China and Europe
sth. used for amusementCentral European real people"Commission Free Baccarat requires some strategy and skill to increase your win rate. Although this version is closer to the normal win rate, it still requires some skill to improve your game:

Managing your money: Good money management is key in any betting game. Determine your betting limit and follow it. Don't bet more than you can afford in one game.
Familiarize yourself with the rules: Understanding the rules of the game and point calculations is crucial. Make sure you know the various options for the Banker and Player and how to place your bets.
Avoid chasing losses: Don't try to make up for previous losses by upping the stakes. This often leads to bigger losses. Stick to your money management strategy.
Develop a betting strategy: Consider using a betting strategy, such as Martingale's Law or Labo's Law, to help you manage your bets more wisely.
Observing trends: Observe trends in the game. Sometimes one side may win consecutively, while other times there may be a reversal. Understanding these trends can help you make more informed betting decisions.

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