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Leyu SportsIt is a well-known online betting platform that offers a wide selection of matches and real-time betting, providing a convenient betting channel for a wide range of users. On the LeFish Sports platform, crossover betting is a very popular betting method that allows you to multiply your winnings easily by combining your predictions across soccer types, playing styles, leagues, pre-matches and in-matches. In this article, we will explain in detail the relevant rules of LeFish Sports series betting, to help you better grasp the betting skills.

1.Leyu SportsDefinition of crossover betting

String betting refers to the combination of betting on two or more matches, including cross-sports, cross-play, cross-league, and cross-pre-match and mid-match. As long as you are optimistic about the game field, you can string together bets, all the string of the field if all over the field, you can multiply the odds of each level consecutively, to realize the multiplication of the prize money.

2.Leyu SportsTypes of crossover bets

The most important thing to remember is that you can bet on the same game as you do on the other side of the fence, so you can bet on the same game as you do on the other side of the fence.

For example, select three matches to bet on 2 series 1 and 3 series 1, and if you get one wrong you can still win the 2 series 1 bonus.

3.Leyu SportsGeneral rules for string passes/multiple passes/combination passes

  1. Streak betting refers to the selection of two or more events in a single betting order. Each of the events selected in the series must win for the series to be considered a winner.
  2. If the first bet is a winner, bets on winning bets will be added to the second betting option until all bets in the streak have won or until one loses.
  3. Certain string passes are combinations of several different strings in a single string betting order. For example, 4 strings of 11 is 11 different strings of bets.

4.Leyu SportsSerial Pass Notes:

  1. The most consecutive passes in a single betting order at Le Fish Sports is 10 strings.
  2. All bets on events need to be based on the sports betting rules.
  3. Not all events can be bet on in a series. If you see in the betting list that you can't combine two unrelated matches (see below for information on related strings), then one of the matches isn't available as a string over the line bet.
  4. String passes allow you to bet on different kinds of races, as well as races that don't fall on the same day.
  5. In the event of a postponement or cancellation of the event, all affected bets will be canceled, and the relevant handicap odds for the event will be calculated as (1).

5.Leyu SportsOption in a series of passes

  1. String over the top bets, where the selection combination has a correlation with the outcome of the same event or betting market affecting another other betting market, this bet is not accepted.
  2. String over betting, where the selection combination has to be associated with the same team or player, even if they are different at the same time, and again it is not accepted that for example one result will affect the other.
  3. Le Fish Sports has the right to cancel linked strings of over the top bets.

Settlement rules of Leaffish sports series of passes

In the event that any of the bets in the series are voided or tied (as in the example below), the series will remain in effect and the remaining bets will be settled according to the winning bets.


Chelsea (-0.5) - Chelsea to win. Bet 2: Man Utd (-1) - Man Utd win 1-0. Bet 3: Arsenal (-0.5) - Arsenal win.

Manchester United is a 1-0 win on the Asian handicap of (-1), but this event in a series of passes is considered a draw.

When a Chelsea win is tied with an Arsenal win, the tie will be treated as a 2-way tie between Chelsea and Arsenal, rather than the initial 3-way tie. Also, draw over bets will be automatically counted as 1.

As a professional online betting platform, Leaf Sports provides a wealth of options and betting methods for the majority of users, and as one of the popular ways to play, it allows users to multiply their winnings in the betting process. This article explains in detail the rules and precautions related to the series betting of the fish sports, to help users better grasp the betting skills and improve the probability of winning.

We hope that the majority of users are aware of theLeyu SportsCrosstable betting rules are based on the ability to enjoy a higher entertainment value in the betting process. At the same time, Le Fish Sports, as a responsible betting platform, will continue to provide users with quality services and a safe betting environment. Please comply with relevant laws and regulations when betting, rational betting, and jointly maintain a good betting ecological environment.

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