Roulette games have a long history of development and are very popular and sought after by gamers

What's a roulette wheel?
The roulette wheel isKOK SportsA common gaming game, unlike the familiar mediums of playing cards or dice, it is played on a "circular roulette wheel", which is often featured in many gaming-themed movies.The word "roulette" means small round wheel in French. The roulette wheel usually has 37 or 38 numbers, and a dealer is responsible for hitting the beads on the spinning side of the wheel, and the number of the bead that lands on that square is the winning number. The numbers on the wheel are spaced in red and black, but the numbers are not arranged in sequence. Due to the variety of roulette betting methods, most KOK Sports players love this game, what are the tips to increase our chances of winning in such a game?

What are the types of roulette wheels?
American Roulette: There are 38 numbers, including 0 and 00, and most bets are made with color chips that cannot be directly exchanged for cash.
European Roulette: there are 37 numbers, including the number 0, which are wagered in direct cash codes.
French Roulette: There are 25 numbers, including the number 0 (which has also been replaced with other patterns).
KOK SportsThe common ones are American and European roulette wheels respectively. The American wheel includes numbers 1 to 36, 0 and 00, while the European wheel includes numbers 1 to 36 and 0. In addition to the red and black colors, the 0 and 00 are green on the wheel. The less common French roulette wheel differs from the European and American roulette wheels in that the French wheel has larger beads and the numbers are spaced in a wavy pattern.

How do you play roulette?
Russian Roulette is very simple to play - you place your bets before the dealer spins the wheel, with the goal of betting on the number or color of the last stay of the winning wave bead.KOK SportsPlayers can bet on roulette games at live venues and bet on entertainment while playing games.

Betting is divided into Outside (Outside Bet) and Inside (Inside Bet), 0 to 36 belongs to the inside, the other belongs to the outside, usually for the beads a quarter of a year before the cut-off bet, it can be seen that, in addition to betting on the "number", you can also choose to "color" or "odd-even" for the next bet; because the European roulette wheel has 37 numbers, usually in order to increase the rate of victory, the player will not only place a single bet, you can choose to buy numbers, buy colors, or buy odd-even. As there are 37 numbers in European Roulette, players usually do not place only a single bet in order to increase their odds of winning.

What are the types of bets?
Size: The number 118 in the roulette wheel is "small" and the number 1936 is "large", and players can choose which side they want to bet on.
Odd or Even: You can also choose whether the final bead will fall in an odd or even numbered compartment in the wheel.
Color: The reels are mostly red and black, and players can choose the color to bet on.
Single Grid/Straight Bets: Choose to bet on a single grid.
Double Grid/Split Bets: Selects bets on two neighboring grids.
Street/Road Note: Betting on three numbers on a horizontal column.
Six Line/Line Note: Bet on six numbers on two adjacent horizontal columns.
Four Numbers: betting on four grids.
Counting dozen/12 bets: this is a more advanced betting play where one dozen equals 12.

History of KOK Sports Roulette
After understanding how roulette has been played to this day, theKOK SportsToday we also want to popularize the origin of the roulette wheel, in the 17th century in France, the roulette wheel is generally considered to be the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal in the study of the principle of perpetual motion machine was inspired by the design of the wheel. 1842 Frenchman Blaise in the original roulette wheel on the addition of 0, in order to increase the banker's advantage (the other way around, that is, to reduce the likelihood of winning the bet), and then passed to the United States, the Americans and in which to add the number 00 (early also used the eagle pattern instead). In the early days, some people also used the eagle pattern instead). Roulette is the most popular game in many places, Monte Carlo being one of them, as it was there that Branson built the first casino. Another interesting anecdote is that at the time it was believed that Branz had dealings with the devil, as the numbers 1 to 36 on the roulette wheel add up to 666, which is the number of the devil.

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